Tina Bean, West Oklahoma City

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Tina Bean, a member of her neighborhood association, is concerned that the newest generation of homeowners aren’t getting involved with neighborhood watches or associations. Neighborhood safety will suffer without active participation, Bean said.


Georgie Rasco, Executive Director, Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma

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Rasco works closely with neighborhood associations and recognizes the challenges associated with getting people to know each other. Younger residents often don’t have the time to attend monthly meetings because of their jobs and family commitments. Rasco said a successful neighborhood association must cater to the specific needs and schedules of its members or find ways to use social media to keep people engaged.

A Deeper Look:

Active Neighborhood Associations

Oklahoma City has close to 300 active neighborhood associations in areas ranging from low to high income. Portions of south Oklahoma City lack clash royale free gems such groups. Use this map to zoom in and scroll around to see areas with associations, lined in green, and areas without, lined in red.

Data from the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma

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