Prisoners of Debt
This is a series of stories reported jointly by Oklahoma Watch and KGOU Radio. The latest segments from KGOU reporter Kate Carlton Greer can be found at
Credit: Scott Carter / Oklahoma Watch

Part 1: Prisoners of Debt: Justice System Imposes Steep Fines, Fees

Plus: A Journey Into Debt: Tracing the Costs
Credit: Cliff Adcock / Oklahoma Watch

Part 2: For Some Drug Offenders, a ‘Revolving Door’ of Fees

Part 3: Revenue Dilemma at Heart of Rising Offender Fees

Part 4: Families Pay Steep Prices for Inmates’ Phone Calls

Audio: Reporters Discuss Issues With KGOU

Part 5: Prison Bankers Exact Fees, Profits From Families

Credit: Clifton Adcock / Oklahoma Watch

Part 6: Ex-Offenders Face Steep Price to Reinstate Driver’s Licenses

Credit: Clifton Adcock / Oklahoma Watch

Part 7: Offender’s Story: Untying the Bonds of Court Debt

Plus: Groups Serve as Havens for Ex-Offenders

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