Paula and Xavier Carter, West Oklahoma City

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Context: The Carters, who are parents, said an abandoned apartment complex at the end of their street is an eyesore and a public health hazard. The burnt-out building is boarded up and gated off, but that has not stopped people from breaking in. They said they believe many people intruding on the property are homeless or abusing drugs.


David Oen, Chief Building Inspector

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Context: The city faces limitations on what it can do with rundown, abandoned apartment complexes. The main issue is cost. To raze an apartment complex can cost millions of dollars. To maintain the security of boarded-up complexes, the city depends on alerts and complaints from nearby residents. In the end, the vacant structures sit untouched for years, contributing to the hollowing-out of communities.

A Deeper Look:

Abandoned Structures

This map displays all recorded abandoned structures in Oklahoma City. The largest clusters in residential areas are in neighborhoods in west, northeast and south Oklahoma City.

Source: Oklahoma City Planning Department.

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