Rutledge Murray, Northeast Oklahoma City

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Context: Murray’s home is located near a four-way stop intersection. He has witnessed a number of accidents and thinks police should increase traffic patrols in the area and ticket people running intersections.


Paco Balderrama, Oklahoma City Police Department Spokesman

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Context: Balderrama said the Oklahoma City Police Department has a motorcycle unit that focuses on traffic enforcement. There are only 10 officers in the unit, which makes it difficult to enforce laws in all of the problem areas across the 621 square miles of the city, he said.

A Deeper Look:

Caught at the Stop

Several thousand drivers are ticketed each year for running stop signs in Oklahoma City. Hover over, or click the bars below to see how much the number of tickets has risen over the years.

* Data is for January to February 2015
Source: Oklahoma City Municipal Courts

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