Nine companies have qualified for Quality Jobs payroll subsidies since Oklahoma began providing payments for existing jobs in 2006. This table, based on data collected by Mark Lash, a retired federal agency program manager, summarizes all payments made as of Feb. 13, 2015. “Minimum jobs” is the number of existing jobs companies are required to maintain to continue receiving subsidies. In some cases, actual payments and job counts have exceeded those amounts.

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CompanyBusinessLocationStart DateStatusMinimum JobsPayments
Enable Midstream PartnersPetroleum transportOklahoma CityOct 2013No claims595$0
Flir DetectionBiological sensorsStillwaterJan 2011Active84$1,016,868
Freightliner Specialty VehiclesNovelty tow trucksClintonJan 2007Ended 200894$179,334
GefcoWater and oil drilling rigsEnidOct 2011Active140$787,587
Holly/Frontier Refining & MarketingOil refiningTulsaJan 2010Active460$13,560,516
NGL Energy PartnersPetroleum transportTulsaNov 2011Active52$524,256
SensiQ TechnologiesBiological measurementStillwaterNov 2012Active10$61,286
TronoxTitanium, zirconOklahoma CitySep 2006Ended 2008260$2,130,263
ZeledyneAuto glassTulsaJul 2008Ended 2010300$2,263,933

Sources: Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Oklahoma Tax Commission.

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