Female prison inmates were about twice as likely as male inmates to show signs of a serious mental illness and 1.6 times more likely to have a substance abuse disorder, according to Department of Corrections data collected at the end of March. Among inmates with a mental illness, women were about 1.4 times as likely as men to be classified as nonviolent offenders. Click on a column heading to re-order the table. Search by facility.

Facility Facility TypeSexTotal InmatesCurrent Mental IllnessCurrent or Past Mental IllnessNonviolent Current Mental IllnessCurrent Substance Abuse Disorder
MABEL BASSETT CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionF1,20660%87%24%54%
DR. EDDIE WARRIOR CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionF96562%82%40%69%
KATE BARNARD CCCCommunity CorrectionsF27364%82%56%75%
TURLEY HWHHalfway HouseF17460%80%50%75%
CATALYST-ENID HWH FEMALESHalfway HouseF10153%79%51%84%
TULSA COUNTY GPSGlobal PositioningF7254%76%54%71%
CENTRAL DISTRICT GPSGlobal PositioningF5052%74%52%82%
SOUTHWEST DISTRICT GPSGlobal PositioningF3642%69%42%64%
SOUTHEAST DISTRICT GPSGlobal PositioningF3554%80%54%74%
CENTER POINT HWH FEMALESHalfway HouseF3269%91%69%91%
NORTHEAST DISTRICT GPSGlobal PositioningF2854%71%54%82%
NORTHWEST DISTRICT GPSGlobal PositioningF2635%69%35%77%
LAWTON CORRECTIONAL FACILITYPrivate PrisonM2,56630%60%10%39%
CIMARRON CORRECTIONAL FACILITYPrivate PrisonM1,65940%60%13%42%
JOSEPH HARP CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM1,48754%68%11%31%
R.B. DICK CONNER CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM1,31929%56%10%36%
JAMES CRABTREE CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM1,27535%51%11%27%
OKLAHOMA STATE REFORMATORYState InstitutionM1,15928%49%9%29%
JESS DUNN CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM1,15428%48%12%37%
WILLIAM S. KEY CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM1,13225%46%20%41%
LEXINGTON CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM96029%51%11%33%
MACK ALFORD CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM93929%52%11%43%
JOHN LILLEY CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM86334%51%12%39%
CHARLES E. BILL JOHNSON CORR. CENTERState InstitutionM76410%37%7%1%
JIM E HAMILTON CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM75419%49%11%44%
OKLAHOMA STATE PENITENTIARYState InstitutionM75353%75%9%27%
HOWARD MCLEOD CORRECTIONAL CENTERState InstitutionM69931%53%15%47%
LEX ASSESSMENT & RECEPTION CENTERState InstitutionM61220%32%9%49%
NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA CORR. CENTERState InstitutionM54225%46%15%47%
CARVER HWHHalfway HouseM32028%45%25%52%
AVALON HWHHalfway HouseM30825%45%20%49%
CLARA WATERS COMMUNITY CORR. CENTERCommunity CorrectionsM28040%56%40%55%
OKLAHOMA CITY CCCCommunity CorrectionsM22236%57%22%45%
UNION CITY CCCCommunity CorrectionsM22234%58%22%52%
OKLAHOMA COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM1944%28%2%46%
CENTER POINT HWHHalfway HouseM19018%45%16%64%
TULSA COUNTY GPSGlobal Positioning SystemM15223%38%23%47%
LAWTON CCCCommunity CorrectionsM14928%48%20%58%
CENTRAL DISTRICT GPSGlobal Positioning SystemM12114%33%14%43%
BRIDGEWAY HWHHalfway HouseM11825%55%21%45%
ENID CCCCommunity CorrectionsM11423%44%23%60%
FREDERICK CWCCommunity Work CenterM10825%44%23%58%
ALTUS CWCCommunity Work CenterM10416%40%10%46%
NORTHEAST DISTRICT GPSGlobal Positioning SystemM10325%41%25%57%
JEFFERSON COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM995%29%5%56%
DRUG RECOVER, INC-IVAN HWHHalfway HouseM9932%48%27%54%
ARDMORE CWCCommunity Work CenterM9625%43%23%64%
CARTER COUNTY CWCCommunity Work CenterM9621%35%17%59%
MADILL CWCCommunity Work CenterM9515%27%15%52%
ELK CITY CWCCommunity Work CenterM9021%47%17%67%
IDABEL CWCCommunity Work CenterM8518%39%16%54%
MANGUM CWCCommunity Work CenterM8215%30%9%49%
WALTERS CWCCommunity Work CenterM8119%42%14%62%
SOUTHWEST DISTRICT GPSGlobal Positioning SystemM7924%39%24%62%
DAVIS CWCCommunity Work CenterM7718%39%17%61%
HOBART CWCCommunity Work CenterM7727%45%23%47%
CENTER POINT OSAGE HWHHalfway HouseM7725%51%23%49%
SOUTHEAST DISTRICT GPSGlobal Positioning SystemM6722%40%22%58%
NORTHWEST DISTRICT GPSGlobal Positioning SystemM6416%33%16%48%
SAYRE CWCCommunity Work CenterM5831%57%28%62%
TILLMAN COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM5721%47%9%42%
WAURIKA CWCCommunity Work CenterM5520%42%18%38%
OKLAHOMA HWHHalfway HouseM5020%32%20%56%
HOLLIS CWCCommunity Work CenterM4914%27%14%55%
BEAVER CWCCommunity Work CenterM4418%39%16%36%
CATALYST-CAMEO HWHHalfway HouseM4023%53%15%55%
COMANCHE COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM248%21%4%71%
OKMULGEE COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM239%22%4%30%
CRAIG COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM2110%38%10%57%
NOWATA COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM176%24%6%82%
ROGER MILLS COUNTY JAILJail ProgramM825%38%13%38%
NORTHWEST DISTRICT EMPElectronic MonitoringM520%40%20%80%
SOUTHEAST DISTRICT EMPElectronic MonitoringM540%60%40%100%
NORTHEAST DISTRICT EMPElectronic MonitoringM367%67%67%100%
TULSA COUNTY EMPElectronic MonitoringM333%67%33%33%
CENTRAL DISTRICT EMPElectronic MonitoringM2100%100%100%100%

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