Take this quiz on the 2015 Oklahoma Legislature and then find the answers in our new interactive graphic. Note that two House seats are vacant, bringing the total count of sitting legislators to 147 — 99 representatives and 48 senators.

Women represent 50.5 percent of the population of Oklahoma. What proportion of the Legislature do they represent?
A. 21 percent.
B. 8 percent.
C. 13 percent.
D. 27 percent.

Blacks comprise nearly 8 percent of the state population. What is their count and percentage in the Legislature?
A. Four, for 2.7 percent.
B. Six, for 4.1 percent.
B. Eight, for 5.4 percent.
C. Ten, for 6.8 percent.

How many legislators are single?
A. 24
B. 9
C. 16
D. 31

What percentage of lawmakers have an education level no higher than a high school diploma?
A. 23 percent.
B. 28 percent.
C. 6 percent.
D. 16 percent.

5. As of June 2015, how many legislators were under 30?
A. 12
B. 8
C. 19
D. 4

More questions:

* Who was the only Republican senator to vote against the state budget?

* How many Democrats voted no on the texting and driving ban?

* Who were the only two Democratic legislators to support the expansion of charter schools?

* How many lawmakers voted against allowing nitrogen hypoxia to be used as an alternative form of execution?

* How many legislators were absent for the vote on expanding the waiting period for abortions? How many of the five lawmakers who voted no on the bill were women?

Ferret out the answers.

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