Program NameProgram AdministratorProgram Type
21st Century Quality JobsOklahoma Department of CommerceTax credit
Aerospace Engineer Tax CreditOklahoma Department of CommerceTax credit
Agricultural Commodity Processing Facility Income Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Aircraft Facilities Sales Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Aircraft Maintenance or Manufacturing Facility Use Tax RefundOklahoma Tax CommissionTax refund or rebate
Aircraft Repairs and ModificationsOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) LoansOklahoma Department of CommerceLoan/loan participation
Basic and Applied Research Loan/GrantOklahoma Department of AgricultureLoan/loan participation
Biofuels Construction and Permitting AssistanceOklahoma Department of Environmental QualityOther
Biofuels Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Business IncubatorsOklahoma Department of CommerceGrant; tax exemption
Clean Burning Fuel Vehicle CreditOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Clean Burning Fuel Vehicle Infrastructure CreditOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Commercial Space Industry CreditOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Community Development Block Grant/Economic Development Infrastructure Financing (CDBG/EDIF)Oklahoma Department of CommerceGrant
Computer Services / Data Processing / Telecommunications Equipment Tax RefundOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Computer Services And Data Processing Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Construction Materials Tax RefundOklahoma Tax CommissionTax refund or rebate
Cooperative Marketing LoanOklahoma Department of AgricultureLoan/loan participation
Credit Enhancement Reserve FundOklahoma Development Finance AuthoritiesLoan guarantee
Credit for Electricity Generated by Zero-Emission FacilitiesOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Economic Development Pooled FinanceOklahoma Department of CommerceOther
Energy Efficient Residential Construction Tax CreditOklahoma Department of CommerceTax credit
Ethanol Fuel Retailer Tax CreditOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Ethanol Sales Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Excise Tax Exemption on Aircraft SalesOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Existing Industry Initiative (EITP)Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical EducationGrant
Farm Diversification GrantOklahoma Department of AgricultureGrant
Finance Authority ProgramsOklahoma Finance AuthorityOther
Five Year Ad Valorem Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Foreign Trade ZonesOklahoma Department of CommercePreferential rate
Freeport ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Gas Usage Tax Credit for ManufacturingOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
General Obligation Limited Tax Bonds (GOLTBs)Oklahoma State Bond Advisor’s OfficeOther
GrowOK Fundi2EEquity investment
Historic Rehabilitation Tax CreditState Historic Preservation OfficeTax credit
Idle Reduction Weight ExemptionOklahoma Department of CommercePreferential rate
Income Tax Credit For Investment In Oklahoma Producer-Owned Agriculture ProcessingOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Incubator Site Tenant Tax ExemptionOklahoma Department of CommerceTax exemption
Industrial Access Road ProgramOklahoma Department of TransportationGrant
Insurance Premium Tax CreditOklahoma Insurance DepartmentTax credit
Investment/New Jobs Tax CreditsOklahoma Department of CommerceTax credit; tax exemption; tax refund or rebate
Marketing and Utilization LoanOklahoma Department of AgricultureLoan/loan participation
New Market Tax Credits – MetafundMetaFund CorporationTax credit
New Market Tax Credits – REIRural Enterprise InvestmentTax credit
New Products Development IncomeTax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
OKAngel Sidecar Fundi2EEquity investment
Oklahoma Capital Access ProgramOklahoma Capital Investment BoardLoan/loan participation
Oklahoma Export Finance ProgramOklahoma Department of CommerceInsurance
Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate ActOklahoma Film & Music OfficeTax refund or rebate
Oklahoma Seed Capital FundI2EEquity investment
Opportunity and Enterprise ZonesOklahoma Department of CommerceTax credit
Private Activity Bond AllocationOklahoma Department of CommerceOther
Quality Jobs and Investment Tax CreditOklahoma Department of CommerceTax credit
Quality Jobs Investment ProgramOklahoma Department of CommerceEquity investment
Quality Jobs ProgramOklahoma Department of CommerceTax refund or rebate
Recycling, Reuse And Source Reduction Incentive ActOklahoma Department of Environmental QualityTax credit
Research and Development New Jobs CreditOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Rural and Affordable Housing Linked Deposit ProgramOklahoma Department of the TreasuryLoan/loan participation
Safety and Health TrainingOklahoma Department of Career and Technology EducationGrant
Small Business Administration (SBA) Guarantee Fee Tax CreditOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Small Business Linked Deposit ProgramOklahoma State Treasurer’s OfficePreferential rate
Spaceport ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Specialty Crop GrantOklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, & ForestryGrant
StartOK Accelerator Fundi2EEquity investment
Tax Credit for Provision of Child CareOklahoma Tax CommissionTax credit
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)Oklahoma Department of CommerceOther
Technology Transfer Income Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
Telecommunications Sales Tax ExemptionOklahoma Tax CommissionTax exemption
The Oklahoma Local Development and Enterprise Zone Incentive Leverage ActOklahoma Department of CommerceGrant; loan guarantee
Training For Industry Program (TIP)CareerTechOther
Truck Registration BenefitsOklahoma Tax CommissionOther
Venture Investment ProgramOklahoma Capital Investment BoardGrant
Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC)Oklahoma Employment Security CommissionTax credit
Workforce Investment ActOklahoma Employment Security CommissionOther
Sources: Office of Management and Enterprise Services, Oklahoma Tax Commission, Oklahoma Department of Commerce, State Treasurer’s Office, Pew Charitable Trusts, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness.

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