In Oklahoma, women make up just over half of the state population but represent only 14 percent of the 2016 Legislature.

About one in 10 Oklahomans is Hispanic, compared with 1 percent of legislators, meaning a total of two. There are five black or African-American lawmakers, or about 3 percent; that compares with 8 percent of state residents.

Seven legislators are under the age of 30. While Democrats represent 42 percent of registered voters, they make up 26 percent of the Legislature.

The composition of the Legislature raises thought-provoking questions about representational state government, cultural influences and the partisan politics of the times.

Oklahoma Watch collected data about political party, race, gender, age, marital status and educational attainment of lawmakers. You can view these breakdowns in an updated interactive in our Data Center.

And, if you wish to share your views with your senator or representative, telephone numbers and emails are provided as well.

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