Oklahoma Watch held a public forum on the future of mass transit in the greater Tulsa area on March 8, less than a month before Tulsans will vote on a sales tax extension to pay for transit expansion and operations.

The forum, held at the Central Center just east of downtown, featured Debbie Ruggles, assistant general manager of Tulsa Transit, and James Wagner, principal transportation planner for the Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG). The discussion touched on everything from details of THE transit proposal, whose main feature is Bus Rapid Transit, to whether enough money would be directed toward improving local bus frequency for low-income and disadvantaged residents, many of whom are transit-dependent.

The entire video:

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Oklahoma Watch hosts “Oklahoma Watch-Out” forums as part of its mission to encourage civil discussion of important public policy issues. The opinions expressed at our forums do not necessarily represent those of Oklahoma Watch or its funders or sponsors.

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