The Oklahoma Legislature approved a fiscal 2017 budget totaling $6.8 billion, or about 5 percent less than the 2016 appropriated budget.

Below are amounts for each agency and groups of agencies, with percent changes from the original 2016 budget and the revised one reflecting mid-year cuts and mid-year restored funding.

AgencyFY 2017Change from 2016 BudgetChange from 2016 Revised   
State Department of Education*$2,426,721,434-2.34%0.62%
State Regents for Higher Education**$810,022,109-15.92%-7.66%
Department of Career & Technology Education$118,276,325-11.65%-5.30%
Oklahoma Center for Adv. Of Science & Technology$14,110,140-11.65%-5.00%
Office of Educational Quality & Accountability$1,677,237-8.47%-3.56%
Commissioner of the Land Office$8,538,6000.00%0.00%
Oklahoma School of Science and Math$6,425,146-2.27%-2.27%
Department of Libraries$4,611,382-11.65%-5.00%
Physician Manpower Training Commission$3,484,558-11.27%-5.32%
State Arts Council$2,938,293-16.30%-10.00%
Oklahoma Educational Television Authority$2,838,163-16.31%-10.01%
TOTAL EDUCATION$3,399,643,387-6.37%-1.76%
Department of Transportation$154,958,361-16.19%-16.19%
Oklahoma Tax Commission$44,336,0002.17%9.48%
Office of Management and Enterprise Services$35,271,208-11.36%-8.15%
House of Representatives$12,497,306-25.00%-19.35%
Oklahoma Military Department$10,035,604-11.11%-4.42%
State Election Board$7,893,2674.33%9.54%
Legislative Service Bureau$13,892,835183.94%183.94%
State Auditor and Inspector$3,640,536-11.65%-5.86%
Oklahoma State Treasurer$2,815,463-11.65%-5.21%
State Ethics Commission$739,754-11.65%-5.52%
Office of Civil Emergency Management$503,643-11.65%-5.00%
Lt. Governor$391,814-11.65%-5.00%
Merit Protection Commission$379,730-11.65%-5.00%
Space Industry Development Authority$305,189-11.65%-5.00%
Office of the State Bond Advisor$110,687-11.65%-5.00%
Oklahoma Health Care Authority$991,050,5142.06%9.24%
Department of Human Services$651,500,262-4.04%2.57%
Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse$324,823,085-4.66%2.18%
Office of Juvenile Affairs$92,069,101-7.00%0.00%
Department of Health$54,978,498-9.32%-2.50%
University Hospitals Authority$34,886,725-11.65%-5.00%
Department of Veteran Affairs$31,057,287-11.36%-5.04%
Department of Rehabilitative Services$27,452,297-11.29%-4.61%
OSU Medical Authority$10,163,028-11.65%-5.00%
J.D. McCarty Center$3,895,191-9.96%-3.18%
Commission on Children and Youth$1,743,024-11.65%-5.00%
Office of Disability Concerns$245,647-11.65%-5.00%
TOTAL HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES$2,223,864,658-2.20%4.71%
Department of Commerce$21,611,249-9.10%-2.57%
Department of Agriculture$22,059,218-10.60%-4.45%
Department of Tourism and Recreation$17,335,554-11.65%-11.65%
Historical Society$11,005,649-4.94%2.21%
Oklahoma Corporation Commission$10,182,6820.00%0.00%
Conservation Commission$9,039,814-9.22%-2.39%
Department of Environmental Quality$5,987,388-11.65%-11.65%
Oklahoma Water Resources Board$5,515,920-11.65%-5.00%
Department of Labor$3,697,459-11.65%-11.65%
Horse Racing Commission$1,743,834-11.65%-5.00%
Insurance Commissioner$0-100.00%-100.00%
Department of Mines$775,772-11.65%-5.00%
Will Rogers Memorial Commission$0-100.00%-100.00%
J.M. Davis Memorial Commission$242,420-11.65%-5.00%
Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission$0-100.00%-100.00%
Department of Corrections$484,900,9430.00%0.00%
Department of Public Safety$89,004,563-11.27%-6.45%
District Courts$55,000,000-1.07%-0.75%
District Attorneys and District Attorneys Council$34,468,685-11.27%-4.59%
Supreme Court$15,336,267-9.50%-6.82%
Oklahoma Indigent Defense System$14,954,141-7.00%0.00%
Attorney General$6,326,057-54.50%-51.08%
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation$12,392,064-9.83%-4.61%
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner$8,749,068-9.78%-2.98%
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs$3,091,293-11.65%-11.65%
Court of Criminal Appeals$3,630,1990.00%7.53%
Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training$2,912,329-11.65%-11.65%
Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission$2,500,312-11.65%-5.00%
Pardon and Parole Board$2,294,013-7.00%0.00%
Office of the State Fire Marshal$1,430,946-11.65%-5.87%
TOTAL PUBLIC SAFETY & JUDICIAL$736,990,881-3.96%-2.33%
RURAL ECONOMIC ACCESS PLAN$9,658,172-11.27%-4.59%
Ad Valorem SupplementalNANA
Capitol Debt ServiceNANA
GRAND TOTAL$6,778,186,009-5.05%-0.99%
  • In fiscal 2016, Common Education received about $15 million less from the Common Education Technology Fund than the original appropriation.
  • In fiscal 2016, Higher Education received about $15 million less from the Oklahoma Student Aid Fund and the Higher Education Capital Fund than the original appropriation.

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