Stillwater Forum to Focus on SQ 777, the Farming Question

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Oklahoma Watch will hold a public forum on Thursday, Oct. 27, on the controversial State Question 777, which would amend the state constitution to give the agricultural industry extra legal protection.

“Oklahoma Watch-Out: The Farming Question” will be from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Stillwater Community Center’s Lowry Activity Center, located at 315 W. 8th Ave. in Stillwater. Featured guests will be Drew Edmondson, former attorney general and chair of the Oklahoma Stewardship Council, and Roy Lee Lindsey, Oklahoma Pork Council executive director.

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Oklahoma Watch Executive Editor David Fritze will moderate the discussion. Those interested in attending are encouraged to register online and come with questions.

Proponents have called the proposal a “right to farm” amendment that would protect Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers from overly restrictive laws pushed by animal-rights and other advocacy groups. Opponents have called it a “right to harm” measure that would insulate corporate agricultural interests from regulation and legal challenges regarding practices harmful to people or animals.

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About the Panelists

Roy Lee Lindsey

Roy Lee Lindsey

Roy Lee Lindsey has served as executive director of the Oklahoma Pork Council for the past 17 years, Lindsey oversees the daily operations of the council, including product promotion, industry promotion and public advocacy. Lindsey also serves on the steering committee for Oklahoma Farmers Care SQ777.

Lindsey grew up in Cordell. He worked at his father’s farm-equipment dealership and the family’s small farm raising wheat, alfalfa and registered Angus and crossbred cattle. He attended Oklahoma State University and majored in agricultural communications.

In 1989, Lindsey began working in the customer service department of the parts division of Deutz Allis Corp. in Batavia, Illinois. Nearly three years later, Lindsey returned to OSU to finish his bachelor’s degree in agricultural communication and earn a master’s degree in agricultural education.

Drew Edmondson

Drew Edmondson

As a former state attorney general and district attorney, Drew Edmondson has been involved in high-profile, complex criminal and civil litigation in Oklahoma.

Prior to his four terms as attorney general, Edmondson was also elected unopposed to three consecutive terms as Muskogee County District Attorney. Edmondson is a graduate of the University of Tulsa College of Law and Northeastern State University. He is a Navy veteran and had a tour of duty in Vietnam.

Edmondson now serves as chair of the Oklahoma Stewardship Council, a coalition of family farmers, community leaders and concerned citizens opposing State Question 777. He has been a long-time advocate for preserving Oklahoma’s natural resources, arguing on behalf of the state for protection of water, land and air.

Note: An earlier version of this story stated that the yes side on SQ 777 would be represented by Oklahoma Farm Bureau President Tom Buchanan. Buchanan canceled because of another commitment, and will be replaced by Roy Lee Lindsey.