Oklahoma Watch doesn’t just talk turkey at Thanksgiving. As the state’s only dedicated investigative news team, that’s our job all year round.

In honor of the holiday, we extend our thanks to the many Oklahomans who have shared their stories and insights with us this year.  Here are just a few.

Barry Switzer: Overcoming Personal Trauma

Are Public Schools Failing Dyslexic Children?

For Thousands, Civil Courts Are Out of Reach

Cal Hobson: A Quest for Recovery

Expected of Teachers: Spend Hundreds on Classroom Supplies

OKWatch Radio: A Sobering Evaluation from Prisons Chief

For Many Oklahomans, Storm Shelters Are Too Costly or Too Far Away

Diploma in Hand, Many College-Bound Students Must Backtrack

In Rural Areas, Mental Health Can Depend on Finding a Ride

Many Beds for Homeless Youths Remain Empty

Federal Ruling May End Nursing Homes’ No-Lawsuit Agreements

In Oklahoma, Child Care Providers Are Closing Their Doors

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