Recycling in Oklahoma: Rubbish or Success?

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Erick Payne/Oklahoma Watch

Plastic bottles filter onto a pile at Tulsa Recycle and Transfer Inc.'s facility. Over 300 tons of mixed recyclables are processed at this facility each day.

Eight years ago Oklahoma set a goal of recycling 10 percent of its solid waste, and recycling programs have sprouted up or expanded in many parts of the state. But is Oklahoma meeting its objective? Brad Gibson takes a closer look in a radio report, and Erick Payne examines the issue in video.

Oklahoma Recycling: In the Dark

State officials don’t know exactly how much of solid waste across Oklahoma is recycled because there is no law requiring local governments or recycling companies to report the data, even though the recyclers keep their own statistics.


Recycling is a complex set of numbers and issues that help define the landscape of environmental sustainability. Oklahoma Watch reporter Brad Gibson delves into details of how voluntary recycling programs in the state deal with some of the millions of tons of annual waste.