From January to May 2017, lobbyists reported buying more than 6,300 gifts or meals for Oklahoma legislators and other public officials at a cost of nearly $480,000. All of those purchases, reported to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, are listed in the searchable, sortable database below. Also below is a sortable list of how much in gifts and meals each legislator received.

Gifts and Meals, by Legislator

Search by name to find out how much your legislator received in meals or gifts, as itemized in reports by lobbyists to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. Not included below are meals or gifts provided to large groups of lawmakers, such as a buffet for a caucus or all legislators.

Casey Murdock$3,447HouseR
Greg Treat$3,002SenateR
Ryan Martinez$2,722HouseR
James Leewright$2,721SenateR
Scott Fetgatter$2,712HouseR
Chris Kannady$2,665HouseR
Eric Proctor$2,566HouseD
Kevin Wallace$2,564HouseR
Bryce Marlatt$2,535SenateR
Kim David$2,508SenateR
Jon Echols$2,406HouseR
Kevin McDugle$2,399HouseR
Roger Thompson$2,382SenateR
Glen Mulready$2,377HouseR
Jason Smalley$2,365SenateR
Forrest Bennett$2,314HouseD
Marcus McEntire$2,237HouseR
Tim Downing$2,218HouseR
Mike Schulz$2,194SenateR
Scooter Park$2,128HouseR
Adam Pugh$2,109SenateR
Greg McCortney$2,076SenateR
Kyle Hilbert$2,064HouseR
Roland Pederson$2,061SenateR
John Montgomery$2,023HouseR
Avery Frix$1,961HouseR
Tammy West$1,953HouseR
Chris Kidd$1,926SenateR
Micheal Bergstrom$1,913SenateR
Stephanie Bice$1,846SenateR
Joe Newhouse$1,823SenateR
John Pfeiffer$1,822HouseR
Paul Scott$1,773SenateR
Cory Williams$1,763HouseD
Meloyde Blancett$1,718HouseD
Mark Lawson$1,688HouseR
Julie Daniels$1,675SenateR
Scott Biggs$1,662HouseR
Mike Osburn$1,658HouseR
Josh West$1,639HouseR
Jason Dunnington$1,635HouseD
A.J. Griffin$1,614SenateR
Shane Stone$1,611HouseD
Steve Kouplen$1,527HouseD
Katie Henke$1,526HouseR
Eddie Fields$1,511SenateR
Rhonda Baker$1,490HouseR
Greg Babinec$1,485HouseR
Lonnie Paxton$1,482SenateR
Terry O’Donnell$1,459HouseR
Mike Sanders$1,456HouseR
Leslie Osborn$1,447HouseR
Carol Bush$1,439HouseR
Dave Rader$1,425SenateR
Harold Wright$1,422HouseR
Scott Inman$1,349HouseD
Josh Cockroft$1,325HouseR
Matt Meredith$1,319HouseD
Monroe Nichols$1,301HouseD
Emily Virgin$1,292HouseD
Mickey Dollens$1,280HouseD
Mark McBride$1,265HouseR
Rande Worthen$1,259HouseR
Carl Newton$1,184HouseR
Gary Stanislawski$1,167SenateR
Dell Kerbs$1,163HouseR
Kevin West$1,149HouseR
Scott McEachin$1,129HouseR
Dale Derby$1,120HouseR
Dewayne Pemberton$1,090SenateR
Jason Lowe$1,082HouseD
Tom Dugger$1,059SenateR
Chad Caldwell$1,052HouseR
Todd Russ$1,030HouseR
Ben Loring$990HouseD
Charles McCall$990HouseR
Weldon Watson$979HouseR
Dan Newberry$974SenateR
Lewis Moore$972HouseR
Tess Teague$968HouseR
John Sparks$961SenateD
Ervin Yen$927SenateR
John Paul Jordan$921HouseR
Marty Quinn$906SenateR
J. Dossett$902SenateD
Steve Vaughan$884HouseR
Mark Lepak$881HouseR
Collin Walke$863HouseD
Sean Roberts$853HouseR
Jeff Coody$846HouseR
Brian Renegar$844HouseD
Michael Rogers$839HouseR
Mike Ritze$827HouseR
Kay Floyd$807SenateD
Dustin Roberts$796HouseR
Jadine Nollan$795HouseR
Randy McDaniel$765HouseR
David Holt$761SenateR
Claudia Griffith$758HouseD
Regina Goodwin$749HouseD
Larry Boggs$727SenateR
Travis Dunlap$726HouseR
Roger Ford$722HouseR
Johnny Tadlock$721HouseD
Cyndi Munson$711HouseD
Justin Humphrey$710HouseR
George Young$702HouseD
Rick West$692HouseR
Kevin Matthews$686SenateD
Wayne Shaw$686SenateR
Anastasia Pittman$677SenateD
Elise Hall$664HouseR
Rob Standridge$662SenateR
Frank Simpson$623SenateR
Earl Sears$569HouseR
Ed Cannaday$527HouseD
Darcy Jech$523SenateR
Kevin Calvey$514HouseR
George Faught$505HouseR
David Perryman$504HouseD
Josh Brecheen$468SenateR
John Enns$464HouseR
Pat Ownbey$454HouseR
Dennis Casey$430HouseR
Todd Thomsen$421HouseR
Kyle Loveless$419SenateR
David Brumbaugh$384HouseR
Donnie Condit$380HouseD
Tommy Hardin$360HouseR
Chuck Strohm$359HouseR
Anthony Sykes$339SenateR
Bill Brown$319SenateR
Scott Martin$314HouseR
Charles Ortega$276HouseR
Mark Allen$253SenateR
Ron Sharp$235SenateR
Bobby Cleveland$235HouseR
Nathan Dahm$196SenateR
William Fourkiller$160HouseD
Joseph Silk$148SenateR
Chuck Hoskin$132HouseD
Ralph Shortey$120SenateR
John Bennett$107HouseR
Jack Fry$102SenateR
Randy Bass$93SenateD
Zack Taylor**$25HouseR
Dan Kirby**$14HouseR
Jason Murphey*$14HouseR
Tom Gann*$11HouseR
*Repaid lobbyist(s) later for the full amount.
**Did not serve the entire session.

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