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Our work has impact because it reaches you. But when Facebook announced recently it was changing its News Feed, a reaction to complaints of an epidemic of fake news, our ability to reach you was put at risk. Social media is how we connect with many readers, interact with them and learn from them.

Facebook’s change means you’ll see more posts from your friends and family and fewer posts from news publishers and brands that you’ve “liked” or “followed”.

To make sure you see our stories, please follow the steps outlined below. We’re also suggesting some other tips for connecting directly to our content.

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4 Tips to Stay Connected to Oklahoma Watch

(1) On Facebook, choose ‘See First’: On a laptop or desktop (shown above) or a mobile device (shown below), go to the Oklahoma Watch Facebook page and click “Follow” – or, if you already follow us, click “Following”. Make sure “See First” is checked.

On your mobile:

(2) Bookmarks Bookmark the Oklahoma Watch Facebook page. If you like what you see, please like, comment and share our posts, which helps us reach bigger audiences on Facebook. You can find the Bookmarks menu at the top of your browser. On a Mac, tap command+D from any website you like to create a bookmark.

(3) Phone Home Screen Even if you aren’t a Facebook user, you can still access the Oklahoma Watch home page quickly on your phone. Put us on your phone’s home screen. Here’s how:

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