Sample ballots are seen at Oklahoma County Election Commission offices. Credit: Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch

With the primary runoffs over, the candidate slate for Nov. 6 general election ballot is set, at least unofficially. The Oklahoma State Election Board still needs to certify the results.

But the preliminary lineup will likely be the final one. Here’s a look at the general-election candidates, minus district judges, district attorneys and other local elections, in Oklahoma’s federal, statewide and legislative races. Shown in boldface, and not to be on the ballot, are those who ran for office but don’t have an opponent in the general election and have secured their seats.

In addition to candidates, there will be five state questions.

General-Election Ballot Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives
– U.S. Representative District 1: Kevin Hern (R), Tim Gilpin (D)
– U.S. Representative District 2: Markwayne Mullin (R), Richard Castaldo (L), John Foreman (I), Jason Nichols (D)
– U.S. Representative District 3: Frank Lucas (R), Frankie Robbins (D)
– U.S. Representative District 4: Tom Cole (R), Ruby Peters (I), Mary Brannon (D)
– U.S. Representative District 5: Steve Russell (R), Kendra Horn (D)

Statewide Elected Offices
– Governor: Drew Edmonson (D), Kevin Stitt (R), Chris Powell (L)
– Lieutenant Governor: Anastasia Pittman (D), Matt Pinnell (R), Ivan Holmes (I)
– State Auditor and Inspector: Cindy Byrd (R), John Yeutter (L)
– Attorney General: Mark Myles (D), Mike Hunter (R)
– State Treasurer: Randy McDaniel (R), Charles de Coune (I)
– Superintendent of Public Instruction: John Cox (D), Larry Huff (I), Joy Hofmeister (R)
– Commissioner of Labor: Brandt Dismukes (I), Leslie Osborn (R), Fred Dorrell
– Insurance Commissioner: Kimberly Fobbs (D), Glen Mulready (R)
– Corporation Commissioner: Jackie Short (I), Bob Anthony (R), Ashley Nicole McCray (D)

Legislature: Senate
– Senate District 2: Marty Quinn (R), Jennifer Esau (D)
– Senate District 4: Mark Allen (R), Eddie Martin (D)
– Senate District 6: Arnold Bourne (D), David Bullard (R)
– Senate District 8: Roger Thompson (R), Marlena Nobles (I), Shannan Tucker (D)
Senate District 10: Bill Coleman (R)
– Senate District 12: James Leewright (R), Rick Parris (D)
– Senate District 14: Justin Arledge (D), Frank Simpson (R)
– Senate District 16: Mary Boren (D), Becki Maldonado (R)
– Senate District 18: Charles Arnall (D), Kim David (R)
– Senate District 20: Heady Coleman (D), Chuck Hall (R)
– Senate District 22: William Andrews (D), Stephanie Bice (R)
– Senate District 24: Renee Jerden (D), Darrell Weaver (R)
Senate District 26: Darcy Jech (R)
– Senate District 28: Stephanie Sanders (I), Jason Smalley (R)
– Senate District 30: Julia Kirt (D), John Symcox (R)
– Senate District 32: John Michael Montgomery (R), Jacobi Crowley (D)
Senate District 34: JJ Dossett (D)
– Senate District 36: Bryan O’Brien (D), John Haste (R)
– Senate District 38: Brent Howard (R), Jeff Berrong (D)
– Senate District 40: Christopher Hensley (I), Joe Howell (R), Carri Hicks (D)
– Senate District 42: Brenda Stanley (R), Matt Campbell (I), Linda Wade (D)
Senate District 44: Michael Brooks (D)
Senate District 46: Kay Floyd (D)
– Senate District 48: Willard Linzy (R), George Young (D)

Legislature: House of Representatives
House District 1: Johnny Tadlock (D)
– House District 2: Jim Olsen (R), Tom Stites (D)
– House District 3: Troy Dyer (D), Lundy Kiger (R)
House District 4: Matt Meredith (D)
– House District 5: Josh West (R), Ed Trumbull (D)
– House District 6: Rusty Cornwell (R), John Myers (D)
– House District 7: Ben Loring (D), William Leonard (R)
– House District 8: Darrell Moore (D), Tom Gann (R)
– House District 9: Mark Lepak (R), Clay Layton (D)
– House District 10: Kevin Stacy (D), Judd Strom (R)
House District 11: Derrel Fincher (R)
– House District 12: Cyndi Ralston (D), Kevin McDugle (R)
– House District 13: Avery Frix (R), Jolene Armstorng (D)
– House District 14: Jack Reavis (D), Chris Sneed (R)
– House District 15: Randy Randleman (R), Judy Ross Moore (D)
– House District 16: Scott Fetgatter (R), James Delso (I), Chandler Torbett (D)
– House District 17: Peggy DeFrange (D), Jim Grego (R)
– House District 18: Donnie Condit (D), David Smith (R)
– House District 19: Justin Humphrey (R), Lewis Collins (D)
– House District 20: Steve Jarman (D), Sherrie Conley (R)
House District 21: Dustin Roberts (R)
– House District 22: Renae Ward (I), Charles McCall (R), Wayne Eidson (D)
– House District 23: Terry O’Donnell (R), Craig John Hoxie (D)
– House District 24: Steve Kouplen (D), Logan Phillips (R)
– House District 25: Gary Rhynes (I), Daniel D. Manuel (D), Ronny Johns (R)
– House District 26: Dell Kerbs (R), Terry Hopkins (D)
House District 27: Danny Sterling (R)
– House District 28: Zack Taylor (R), Kyle Webb (I), Steve Barnes (D)
– House District 29: Kyle Hilbert (R), Jesse Goodwin (D)
House District 30: Mark Lawson (R)
– House District 31: Garry Mize (R), Kara Sawyer (D)
– House District 32: Kevin Wallace (R), Christi Wolff (D)
House District 33: John Thomas Talley (R)
– House District 34: Aaron Means (R), Trish Ranson (D)
– House District 35: Jasha Lyons Echo-Hawk (D), Ty Burns (R)
House District 36: Sean Roberts (R)
House District 37: Ken Luttrell (R)
House District 38: John Pfeiffer (R)
– House District 39: Richard Prawdzienski (I), Devyn Denton (D), Ryan Martinez (R)
– House District 40: Norman Grey (D), Chad Caldwell (R)
– House District 41: Denise Crosswhite Hader (R), Jennie Scott (D)
– House District 42: Cynthia Roe (R), Liz George (D)
– House District 43: Chantelle Cory (D), Jay Steagall (R)
House District 44: Emily Virgin (D)
– House District 45: Marc Etters (R), Tom Hackelman (I), Merleyn Bell (D)
– House District 46: Jacob Rosecrants (D), Bryan Vinyard (R)
– House District 47: Sarah Carnes (D), Brian Hill (R)
– House District 48: Tammy Townley (R), Cheryl Key (D)
– House District 49: Tommy Hardin (R), Miranda Shelton (D)
House District 50: Marcus McEntire (R)
House District 51: Brad Boles (R)
House District 52: Charles Ortega (R)
– House District 53: Mark McBride (R), Leslie Bonebreak (D)
– House District 54: Kevin West (R), Katelyn Dockery (D)
– House District 55: Todd Russ (R), Dennis Dugger (D)
– House District 56: David Perryman (D), Charles Wells (R)
House District 57: Harold Wright (R)
House District 58: Carl Newton (R)
House District 59: Michael Sanders (R)
House District 60: Rhonda Baker (R)
– House District 61: Ashley Lehnert (D), Kenton Patzkowsky (R)
– House District 62: Daniel Pae (R), Larry Bush (D)
– House District 63: Joan Gabelmann (D), Trey Caldwell (R)
– House District 64: Rande Worthen (R), David Pilon (I), Ashley McCarter (D)
– House District 65: Toni Hasenbeck (R), Brandon Thompson (D)
– House District 66: Angela Graham (D), Jadine Nollan (R)
– House District 67: Carly Hotvedt (D), Jeff Boatman (R)
– House District 68: J. Lee Miller Jr. (L), Heather Chenoweth (I), Lonnie Sims (R), Michael Ross (D)
– House District 69: Sheila Dills (R), Andy Richardson (D)
– House District 70: Carol Bush (R), JJ Burnam (D)
– House District 71: Denise Brewer (D), Cheryl Baber (R)
House District 72: Monroe Nichols (D)
House District 73: Regina Goodwin (D)
House District 74: Mark Vancuren (R)
– House District 75: T.J. Marti (R), Kelli Krebs (L), Karen Gaddis (D)
– House District 76: Forrest Mayer (D), Ross Ford (R)
– House District 77: Todd Blackburn (R), John Waldron (D)
– House District 78: Paul Royse (R), Meloyde Blancett (D), Gene Bell (L)
– House District 79: Teresa Marler (I), Melissa Provenzano (D), Dan Hicks (R)
– House District 80: Janice Graham (D), Stan May (R)
– House District 81: Jeff Levy (L), Jackie Phillips (D), Mike Osburn (R)
– House District 82: Oraynab Jwayyed (D), Nicole Miller (R)
– House District 83: Jason Reese (R), Chelsey Branham (D)
– House District 84: Tammy West (R), William Cagle (L), Lauren Morris (D)
– House District 85: Cyndi Munson (D), Matt Jackson (R), Stephen Paulsen (L)
– House District 86: David Hardin (R), Rhonda Cox (D)
House District 87: Colin Walke (D)
House District 88: Jason Dunnington (D)
House District 89: Shane Stone (D)
– House District 90: Jon Echols (R), LaVelle C. Compton (D)
– House District 91: Chris Kannady (R), Amanda Jeffers (D)
House District 92: Forrest Bennett (D)
House District 93: Mickey Dollens (D)
– House District 94: Jason Sansone (R), Andrew Fugate (D)
– House District 95: Jack Beall Jr. (R), Paul Brewaker (L), Rashard Bickham (I), Kelly Albright (D)
– House District 96: Lewis Moore (R), Kathy Wallis (D)
House District 97: Jason Lowe (D)
– House District 98: Sean Parrish (I), Kimyn Easley-Graf (D), Dean Davis (R)
House District 99: Ajay Pittman (D)
– House District 100: Zach Pearson (D), Marilyn Stark (R)
– House District 101: Robert Manger (R), John Carpenter (D)

Judicial Retention Elections
Oklahoma Supreme Court
James E. Edmondson, District 7
Noma D. Gurich, District 3
Yvonne Kauger, District 4
Patrick R. Wyrick, District 2
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals
Dana Kuehn, District 1
David B. Lewis, District 5
Scott Rowland, District 4
Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals
Robert Bell
Kenneth Buettner
Brian Goree
Bay Mitchell
Barbara G. Swinton

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