How Oklahoma Voted: Precinct-Level Interactive Maps

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Republicans continued their dominance of Oklahoma government Tuesday by winning all nine statewide offices on the ballot and four of the five congressional seats.

These interactive maps show county- and precinct-level results in four top statewide offices, all five congressional races and the five state questions. The maps allow for analysis of patterns and nuances in each race, such as in geography, urban vs. rural, candidates’ home towns and, if you know your city or district, demographic and income clusters.

Click on a category to jump to a set of maps:

State Offices


Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

Superintendent of Public Instruction

U.S. Congress

U.S. Representative, 1st District

U.S. Representative, 2nd District

U.S. Representative, 3rd District

U.S. Representative, 4th District

U.S. Representative, 5th District

State Questions