Oklahoma teachers received a raise in pay in 2018, which is reflected in the table below. The state minimum salary was increased at all years of experience and degree levels by an average of $6,100.

The minimum for a first-year teacher with a bachelor’s degree is now $36,601, a $5,001 increase over the previous minimum salary, which was set at $31,600 in 2008.

An additional salary increase averaging $1,220 passed in 2019 is not reflected here; funding for that raise was added to the funding formula, and the minimum salary schedule didn’t change.

Averages in the searchable table below are based on 2017-18 data and minimum salaries are for 2018-19. Average salary is based on full-time equivalent teaching positions, which includes full- and part-time teachers. A district’s salary averages are affected by both its salary policies and the experience level of its teachers.

Minimums and averages include benefits such as retirement plans and health, dental, vision and life insurance.

Charter schools are exempt from minimum salary requirements.

Click or tap a column heading to re-order the table. Search by district or county.

* An interlocal cooperative, or ILC, is an educational service organization than handles duties for a group of school districts or counties.

** Charter schools are exempt from minimum salary requirements.

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