This week Oklahoma Watch published something you can’t read.

Thanks to a gift from the Kirkpatrick Foundation, we uploaded the pilot episode of “Long Story Short,” a weekly podcast that’s been long discussed and, at long last, launched.

The idea is to deliver a more personal take on the news. Executive Director Ted Streuli hosts the show, talking to reporters about the stories they’ve recently written to bring additional depth and insight to the piece.

The podcasts runs about 15 minutes, divided into three five-minute segments.

In the pilot (listen below):

Going forward, new episodes will post each Wednesday morning and can be found on our website or just about any podcast app, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Audible, Spotify and Pandora.

Just search for Oklahoma Watch.

The show will evolve; we will invite some of our sources to participate and some weeks we might just surprise you with a topic that we haven’t written about yet. We’ll be adding a little polish too — we’re new at the podcasting game and still have plenty to learn, but we invite you to join us on the journey

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