Rep. Randy Grau and a Minimum Wage Bill

April 10, 2014: Rep. Randy Grau and a Minimum Wage Bill

Oklahoma Watch talks with Rep. Randy Grau R-Edmond about SB1023, a bill he supported which prohibits municipalities from passing their own minimum wage laws. -Lindsay Whelchel

VA Pays Out $200 Million in Wrongful-Death Cases

The Department of Veterans Affairs has spent more than $200 million in payments to veterans in wrongful-death cases, including 29 cases stemming from treatment at Oklahoma’s two VA hospitals.

Video: Doctors’ Role in Promoting Drug Addiction

Dr. Charles Shaw speaks about doctors’ failure to understand the dangers of prescription drug abuse and the need for them to talk with patients more about the risks.

Video: A Descent into Addiction

Lea Gray, of Hollis, talks about how she became addicted to prescription drugs, the effects on her life and why it was so hard to break free.

At the Rally: Seeing Signs

A slide show from the March 31 education rally captures a variety of messages on signs and T-shirts.

The Long Road to Banning Texting While Driving

March 27, 2014: The Long Road to Banning Texting While Driving 

Oklahoma Watch’s David Fritze talks to Sen. Ron Sharp R-Shawnee about why his bill to ban texting while driving did not pass for a second consecutive year.