Latest Vaccination Rates Rise, But Exemption Rates Also Increase

The share of Oklahoma kindergartners up to date on all their vaccines rose slightly last year, but the percentage who were granted exemptions from at least one vaccine increased, according to the latest survey’s preliminary results. Exemption rates keep rising, which has worried health officials.

District Attorneys Use Twin Groups to Push Criminal Justice Policies

In advocating on state policies, Oklahoma’s 27 district attorneys operate on two fronts: the District Attorneys Council, a state agency, and the District Attorneys Association, a private group that contracts with lobbyists. Advocacy groups say the setup stacks the deck against criminal justice reforms. (Use our slider image to compare attendees at both groups’ meetings.)

Vaccines Become Untouchable Issue in Oklahoma Politics

Vaccination has become a dirty word at the Oklahoma Capitol. As Oklahoma joins 25 other states in the worst measles outbreak in a generation, vaccination policies have become so politically toxic that few lawmakers want to take a recorded vote on the issue.

Where Does Stitt Stand on Required Vaccinations?

Vaccines flared briefly as an issue in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign when a news outlet discovered an online video in which then-candidate Kevin Stitt said not all of his children were vaccinated. Stitt later dismissed the report, saying his and Sarah Stitt’s six children, who attended a school with high vaccine-exemption rates, had received various vaccines.