A Rural Charter School Splits an Oklahoma Town

A businessman outmaneuvers community opponents to bring a charter school to the struggling community of Seminole. Now, he wants to establish more charters in other rural towns.

Oklahoma Nearly Tops Nation in Holding Back Early-Grade Students

Oklahoma schools are holding back thousands of students a year in K-2 grades, partly because of the law requiring retention of third graders who aren’t reading-proficient, an analysis by Oklahoma Watch found. According to data, the state’s retention rate in those early grades is second highest in the nation. Retention can have long-term negative effects, researchers say.

Revamped School Report Cards Have New Look, Different Focus

School letter-grade report cards are coming back after a two-year hiatus, but with a different focus and some changes in how metrics are calculated. One pending change is a downplaying of the overall letter grade on the report cards to be displayed on the state’s website.

Disappointment Largely Prevails for Teacher Caucus

For politically active teachers and parents, the defeat of gubernatorial candidate Drew Edmondson was the night’s biggest disappointment. But while the teacher caucus wasn’t as successful as supporters had hoped, there were bright spots.