Budget Crisis Clips Credit For Working Poor

Oklahoma lawmakers have voted to pare back the state’s earned income tax credit. The incentive provides an annual income boost to about 200,000 low-income households with working parents.

Oklahoma Watch-Out: Challenges in South OKC

As part of the “Talk With Us” mobile video project, Oklahoma Watch held a forum in south Oklahoma City featuring Oklahoma City Councilwoman Meg Salyer, OKC Public Schools board member Gloria Torres and attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez.

Talk With Us: Poverty in Oklahoma City Neigborhoods

What are the challenges of living in low-income neighborhoods? Journalists at Oklahoma Watch and students at OU’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication unveiled a mobile-video project on impoverished neighborhoods.

Beyond the Racist Chant: The Facts About Black Inequality

Recent controversy over a racist chant at a University of Oklahoma fraternity focused attention on the state’s race relations and inequalities.