With Closing of Pauls Valley Hospital, a City’s ‘Peace of Mind’ Is Shaken

After years of financial struggles, the Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center has closed, with officials saying they could not secure enough funds to keep the hospital going. More than 100 hospital employees will lose their jobs and the city of 6,200 will be deprived of a nearby health center offering basic surgeries, wound care and stabilization.

List of City-Owned Nursing Homes

Licenses for a total of 46 nursing homes are owned by a handful of Oklahoma cities and one town. Here’s a list of the nursing homes and their owners.

Dueling Doctors: The Benefits, Risks of Treating Patients with Marijuana

Medical associations have been cautious or opposed when it comes to legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. But what do individual doctors think? Oklahoma Watch talked to a physician in Oklahoma City and another in Florida, where a form of medical marijuana is legal, to get their perspectives. Oklahoma voters weigh in June 26.