What Comes Next After Opioid Ruling?

Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman awarded the state of Oklahoma $572 million to address the effects of the opioid epidemic. But questions remain over how, when and whether Oklahoma will get a chance to spend the money.

Vaccines Become Untouchable Issue in Oklahoma Politics

Vaccination has become a dirty word at the Oklahoma Capitol. As Oklahoma joins 25 other states in the worst measles outbreak in a generation, vaccination policies have become so politically toxic that few lawmakers want to take a recorded vote on the issue.

Where Does Stitt Stand on Required Vaccinations?

Vaccines flared briefly as an issue in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign when a news outlet discovered an online video in which then-candidate Kevin Stitt said not all of his children were vaccinated. Stitt later dismissed the report, saying his and Sarah Stitt’s six children, who attended a school with high vaccine-exemption rates, had received various vaccines.

Video: ‘Watch-Out’ Forum on Infections, Vaccines

The resurgence of measles and spread of drug-resistant germs were the focus of this Oklahoma Watch-Out public forum. Among other things, the discussion covered the controversies surrounding vaccines and hospital efforts to control contagious diseases.

Vaccination Rates Vary Widely by School, County

Many Oklahoma schools report required vaccination rates for kindergarteners at 95% or above, according to a 2017-18 survey. But some schools have rates well below 80% and rates of vaccination exemptions above 10% or even 20%. Find out the rates for your school and county.