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The Oklahoma Watch Report which airs on various public radio stations in the state. Working with other Oklahoma Watch reporters, radio journalist Brad Gibson delivers reports on some of the most significant quality-of-life issues facing the state.

The latest Oklahoma Watch Report: Health Insurance Rate Hikes

Oklahoma Watch Report EXTRA: A Conversation With State Insurance Officials

Tax Diversion

Teacher Pay

As the summer break begins, Oklahoma public schools are weighing what flat budgets will mean for their ability to put enough teachers in the classroom this fall.

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The following NPR affiliate stations or networks air Oklahoma Watch Reports on a regular basis:

* KGOU Radio, licensed to the University of Oklahoma, serving the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area, towns in Pontotoc, Seminole and Grady counties, and northwestern Oklahoma.

* KOSU, a member-supported network that operates KOSU in central Oklahoma, including Stillwater and Oklahoma City, and KOSN in northeast Oklahoma, including Tulsa, Bartlesville and the Grand Lake area.

* KWGS, operated by Public Radio Tulsa, a listener-supported service of the University of Tulsa, serving northeastern Oklahoma.

* KALU, the radio station of Langston University, serving Langston students and surrounding communities, including Guthrie, Coyle, Stillwater, Perkins and Meridian.