Once in Place, Sales Tax Breaks Nearly Impossible to Touch

The state’s 4.5-cent sales tax has 150 statutory exemptions, but state officials and others say despite a budget crunch and more scrutiny of tax breaks, it’s unlikely any sizable exemptions will be eliminated.

Up for Scrutiny: Over $335M a Year in Business Incentives

Responding to a new law, state officials are suggesting an independent review of up to 75 business incentives that have reduced state revenue by more than $335 million a year. Will the review lead to cutbacks in business breaks?

Oklahoma Watch Radio: Tax Diversion

Listen to an “Oklahoma Watch Radio” report on the investigation into a state business incentive that is diverting $89 million from state government to 17 companies.

State Program Diverting Workers’ Tax Payments to Businesses

A little-known state program is routing more than $89 million in employees’ income-tax payments to 17 companies to subsidize plant expansions and equipment purchases. That money would otherwise help fund state services.