Child Care Becoming Scarcer as Costs, Closures Take Toll

Since 2012, the number of child care facilities has dropped by nearly one-quarter, putting parents in a pinch as they try to find places to take their kids. Industry representatives blame excessive regulation and subsidy income limits that exclude many parents who still struggle with the expense.

Scholarship Fund Tells Private Schools to Revise Discrimination Policies

In response to an Oklahoma Watch story, the largest granter of tax-credit scholarships has told at least 60 private schools to comply with a state law that prohibits discriminating against applicants with disabilities to remain in the program. But that doesn’t necessarily mean schools will change their admission practices.

Private Schools’ Policies, in Their Own Words

The state’s Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship program prohibits participating schools from discriminating against students with disabilities, but some schools say they don’t have the capacity to educate these students. Here are some schools’ positions.