Anatomy of a Forfeiture Case

A Canadian County deputy’s seizure of more than $25,000 from a man and his father on Interstate 40 turned into a four-year legal battle. The case raises questions about both law enforcement seizures and the possible impact of a proposal to limit them.

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Most Police Seizures of Cash Come from Blacks, Hispanics

Nearly two thirds of seizures of cash by Oklahoma law enforcement agencies come from blacks, Hispanics and other racial or ethnic minorities, an Oklahoma Watch analysis of high-dollar forfeiture cases in 10 counties shows.

Asset Forfeiture: Do Police Seize Innocent People’s Money?

The debate over confiscation of cash and property by law officers in Oklahoma often revolves around whether innocent people are harmed. In this Oklahoma Watch investigation, read the story of William Cicco of Broken Arrow, and learn the amounts of cash most often seized by officers.