The State of Gambling

Where does Oklahoma rank nationally in Indian gaming?

Who Is in Private Prisons?

Are inmates in Oklahoma’s private prisons different than those in state-run prisons?

Sex Ed and Public Schools

Q: With Oklahoma’s high teen birth rate, are many schools providing comprehensive sex education to students?

Fees for the Poor?

Q: Has Oklahoma offloaded to the poor and disadvantaged much of its cost of delivering safety-net benefits?

Stuck in the ‘Crater’

How many low-income Oklahomans will remain in a health-care “coverage crater,” ineligible for Medicaid and unable to buy discounted coverage on the new online marketplace?

Abortion in Oklahoma

In light of Oklahoma’s passing some controversial restrictions on abortion, does that mean the state has a high or rising abortion rate?

Why Many Oklahomans Shun Banks

In an age when banking is possible by smartphone, what causes many Oklahomans to turn their backs on banks?