Storm-Shelter Rebates Won, by City

Residents in some Oklahoma cities have won disproportionately large shares of rebates in the state’s residential storm-shelter program.

SoonerPoll Results

METHODOLOGY conducted the random-sample, scientific survey from May 22 through June 12, using live telephone interviewers. Of the 402 respondents who participated, 108 were contacted by cell phone and 295 by land line. The combined results have been weighted to adjust for variation in the sample relating to age, sex and political party. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.9 percentage points. For smaller subgroups, the margin of sampling error is larger. Some respondents were interviewed this week by Oklahoma Watch, a nonprofit investigative team established to report on public policy issues in Oklahoma.

Where Tornadoes Strike

Little in the national Storm Prediction Center’s summary of U.S. tornado activity through April suggested Oklahoma was about to suffer a tornado assault.

The Moore Tornadoes: Lessons Learned

The author of a book on the 1999 Moore tornado examines the differences between the disaster 14 years ago and the one on May 20.