How Oklahoma Voted: Interactive Maps with Precinct-Level Results

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The Presidential Race

Donald Trump won Oklahoma with 65 percent of the vote, sweeping all counties by margins ranging from 11 percentage points in Oklahoma County to 83 percentage points in Cimarron County. His most decisive victories were in the northwestern and southeastern corners of the state. Hillary Clinton won only a small portion of precincts, all of them in urban areas.

The State Questions

Voters approved four questions and rejected three, with none of the votes close. Approved were questions related to criminal justice and incarceration, sales of wine and strong beer in grocery stores and protecting the state’s ability to carry out the death penalty. Rejected were an education sales tax, a constitutional right to farm, and removal of a constitutional clause on separation of church and state.

  • dontcallmebill

    Great maps! Any chance we could see similar ones for the state house/senate races?

    • Nate Horn

      I’m with you not-Bill! Great maps! Now we can see just where the few, the scared and the furtive little LIBERALS hide out in Oklahoma. I knew there was a good reason for why I didn’t care so much for OKC! Tulsa rocks! (except for that one little welfare corner…)

  • DG

    Excellent Job! Thanks.

  • Bob Long

    so many people throwing away their vote on 3rd party idiots, oh well, love this interactive map

    • Witchy Currier

      The only idiot’s are those voting for a person on the two party ticket . Both are evil . We lost either way . It may be left wing , right wing , still the same bird . I refused to vote for Trump , I refused to vote for Hillary because of Hillary , I voted Gary Johnson because I could not vote for Bernie or Jill stein. The Dem party picked the less favorable person . Independents and most Dems do not like her . If they didn’t want a Trump victory , they should of not rigged the primaries . Bernie Sanders would now be our president <3 We must all stand together to defeat the corruption in our government , Donald won because people are tired of what they see , and they have no voice , because its money , and corporations that run our politics .

      • Steve E

        Why would you vote for a socialist anyways? Johnson’s no Libertarian. You are correct about the two parties being in bed together. Thing is, Trump isn’t either. Scares the shit out of both of em. Trump is a constitutionalist. It’s EXACTLY what America (as a nation) needs. He’s not a part of the “cabal” like Bernie and Gary both sure as hell were. They were assisting Hillary the entire way. God bless America!

        • Barbara Gardner

          He’s a blowhard with a privileged life who has no inkling of what it takes to be President. Where is your brain?????

      • Barbara Gardner

        And what the hell is Trump? money, corporations. You voted for the devil.

  • R B

    nice maps! These should be in every story and every post.
    If its a story about health care spending show dollars spent by zip code
    If its a story about representatives doing some thing that affects constituents, a demarcation of boundary and who’s affected should join each community.
    If ya’ll need help message me some time.