Most of Oklahoma Watch’s content is available for republication by other news media in print and digital form. To receive regular alerts of upcoming content, send a request to or call (405) 990-0352. If you are not on our alert list and want to pick up content from our website, please contact us first because some photos, video, audio, data and other content may not be available to be republished.

Please follow our terms for republication:

* Reporters’ bylines and photographers’ credit lines should be accompanied by “Oklahoma Watch” both online and in print.

* The “Oklahoma Watch” logo (below) should appear with Oklahoma Watch stories in print and online. To receive a copy of the image, email or copy an image below.

* The following credit line should appear at the end of the sole or primary story or, as an alternative, in a separate box accompanying the article or package with the Oklahoma Watch logo. The should be a hyperlink online.

“Oklahoma Watch, at, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization that covers public-policy issues facing the state.”

These terms apply even when only a portion of a story by Oklahoma Watch is republished.