The Judge Called It Rehab, But It Ended Up Being a Chicken Farm

Across the country, including in Oklahoma, judges increasingly are sending defendants to rehab instead of prison or jail. But in the rush to spare people from prison, some judges are steering defendants into rehabs that are little more than lucrative work camps for private industry,

Let Down and Locked Up: Why Oklahoma’s Female Incarceration Rate Is So High

An investigation by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting examined a decade’s worth of Oklahoma prison data to unearth the reasons why the state incarcerates so many women. Among the findings: The most common reason women end up in prison is drug possession.

How the Reid Technique Works

The Reid Technique is used by police and government investigators, security and loss prevention experts. Read the interviewing steps.

Scanning License Plates Is Latest Revenue-Boosting Move by DAs

With their state funding in decline, Oklahoma district attorneys are turning to issuing tickets and putting people on probation for a fee. Their newest effort is to crack down on uninsured drivers by scanning the license plates of thousands of Oklahomans on roadways every year and mailing them tickets.