On most days in Oklahoma, one to six people kill themselves.

In 2013, at least 617 people committed suicide in the state, far more than homicides.

Homicides get all of the headlines and news footage. Suicides take place invisibly, cloaked in shame, fear of intruding on privacy, fear of inspiring others to take their own lives.

Mental-health experts, however, call out for more attention to be paid to the problem, especially in a state with one of the nation’s highest suicide rates.

Oklahoma Watch invites you to look through a list below of 2013 suicides recorded by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. It’s a reminder of the constant, often only privately acknowledged loss of lives.

People who know of someone who might be considering suicide should click here for advice. Those who are suicidal or deeply depressed should click here. Below the table is an analysis of the data.

Suicides in Oklahoma, 2013

Total suicides, as reported by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Click on column headings to re-order. Search by cause, city or date.

Date of DeathCity of DeathCause of Death
1/1/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
1/1/13CacheGunshot Wound Of Head
1/1/13AlexGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
1/2/13HealdtonGunshot Wound Of Head
1/2/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Head
1/3/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
1/3/13Fort GibsonGunshot Wound Of Head
1/3/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head
1/4/13TuttleGunshot Wound Of Head
1/4/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
1/4/13ShawneeLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
1/6/13ShawneeGunshot Wound Of Head
1/6/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
1/7/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
1/7/13CushingGunshot Wound Of Head (Shotgun)
1/8/13OwassoIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
1/8/13PadenGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
1/10/13Oklahoma CityHanging
1/10/13CaleraContact Gunshot Wound Of Head
1/10/13BeggsIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
1/11/13KieferGunshot Wound Of Head
1/11/13MariettaMultiple Blunt Force Trauma
1/13/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
1/13/13MooreGunshot Wound Of Head
1/13/13Nichols HillsGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
1/14/13EufaulaGunshot Wound Of Head
1/14/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation Consistent With Hanging
1/14/13BlanchardGunshot Wound Of Head (Shotgun)
1/15/13Midwest CityLigature Asphyxiation Consistent With Hanging
1/15/13Locust GroveProbable Toxic Effects Of Carbon Monoxide
1/15/13WagonerGunshot Wound Of Head
1/15/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
1/16/13BristowShotgun Wounds Of Head
1/17/13Del CityGunshot Wound Of Head
1/17/13ClintonGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
1/19/13IndiahomaSimultaneous Gunshot Wound Of Head And Ligature Hanging
1/19/13WaltersGunshot Wound Of Head
1/21/13HealdtonContact Gunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
1/21/13EnidIntraoral Shotgun Wound, Perforating
1/22/13EnidProbable Lamotrigine Toxicity
1/22/13Broken ArrowIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
1/23/13McAlesterGunshot Wound Of Head
1/23/13Oklahoma CityContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
1/23/13MuskogeeTransection Of Brachial Artery And Injury To Median Cubital Vein
1/24/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
1/24/13CatoosaGunshot Wound Of Head
1/24/13Midwest CityHanging
1/25/13DurantContact Gunshot Wound Of Chest
1/26/13Oklahoma CityHanging
1/26/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
1/28/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
1/28/13Oklahoma CityContact Gunshot Wound Of Head
1/28/13StonewallContact Gunshot Wound Of Head
1/28/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
1/30/13Park HillHanging
2/3/13Oklahoma CityHanging
2/4/13CowetaGunshot Wound Of Head
2/4/13Broken BowGunshot Wound Of Head
2/4/13InolaAcute Combined Drug Toxicity (Alprazolam, Ethanol)
2/5/13WeatherfordGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/5/13El RenoMixed Drug Toxicity (Ethanol, Tramadol, Morphine, Amantadine)
2/6/13MuskogeeGunshot Wound Of Head
2/7/13StiglerGunshot Wound Of Head
2/7/13Oklahoma CityStab Wound Of Chest
2/7/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/8/13FinleyGunshot Wound Of Chest
2/9/13ChickashaGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
2/9/13GroveGunshot Wound Of Head
2/10/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/10/13Broken BowHanging
2/10/13SparksContact Shotgun Wound Of Left Chest, Perforating
2/12/13BartlesvilleGunshot Wound Of Head
2/13/13BartlesvilleProbable Complications Of Acute Drug Toxicity (Verapamil)
2/13/13McAlesterAcute Drug Toxicity (Doxepin)
2/14/13SkiatookShotgun Wound Of Head
2/14/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Chest
2/14/13NobleLigature Hanging
2/14/13BrayGunshot Wound Of Head
2/16/13Ponca CityLigature Hanging
2/17/13VinitaGunshot Wound Of Head
2/17/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
2/18/13Broken ArrowGunshot Wound Of Head
2/18/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Abdomen
2/18/13MiamiGunshot Wound Of Head
2/18/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/19/13Oklahoma CityMixed Drug Toxicity
2/21/13Fort GibsonGunshot Wound Of Head
2/21/13El RenoGunshot Wound Of Head
2/22/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/22/13HennesseyStab Wound Of Neck
2/22/13HintonGunshot Wound Of Chest
2/24/13TahlequahGunshot Wound Of Head
2/25/13ChelseaShotgun Wound Of Head
2/27/13Del CityContact, Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
2/28/13Oklahoma CityHanging (Ligature Asphyxiation)
2/28/13StaffordIntraoral Gunshot Wound
2/28/13Lone GroveGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/28/13QuintonGunshot Wound Of Head
2/28/13WilsonGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/1/13ChecotahAcute Drug Toxicity (Hydrocodone)
3/3/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
3/3/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
3/3/13LindsayGunshot (Shotgun) Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/3/13Oklahoma CityTraumatic Brain Injury
3/3/13LawtonLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
3/4/13MooreLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
3/4/13VianCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
3/4/13NormanContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
3/4/13Oklahoma CityContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/5/13TulsaIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
3/5/13GearyContact Gunshot Wound Of Head
3/5/13Oklahoma CityHanging
3/6/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/7/13MoundsAcute Combine Drug Toxicity
3/8/13KingstonGunshot Wound Of Head
3/8/13OkmulgeeIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
3/10/13WellstonLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
3/10/13AltusMultiple Sharp Force Trauma Sequela
3/10/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/11/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Chest
3/11/13MarlowContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
3/11/13LawtonContact Gunshot Wound Of Chest, Penetrating
3/12/13TulsaGunshot Wound OfNeck Extending To Head
3/12/13StiglerGunshot Wound Of Head
3/13/13RinglingIntraoral Gunshot Wound, Penetrating
3/14/13MuskogeeGunshot Wound Of Head
3/14/13SapulpaShotgun Wound Of Head
3/15/13Elk CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/15/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
3/16/13IndiahomaGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
3/17/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
3/17/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/17/13WatsonGunshot Wound Of Chest
3/18/13McCurtainGunshot Wound Of Head
3/18/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/19/13OkmulgeeGunshot Wound Of Head
3/19/13TulsaComplications Of Hanging
3/19/13Oklahoma CityContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/20/13TulsaToxic Effects Of Carbon Monoxide And Sharp Force Injuries
3/20/13EnidGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/21/13ClevelandGunshot Wound Of Chest
3/22/13WoodwardContact, Intra-Oral Gunshot Wound, Penetrating
3/22/13AntlersGunshot Wound Of Neck Extending To Head
3/22/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
3/22/13El RenoContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/23/13SeminoleContact, Intraoral Gunshot Wound, Perforating
3/23/13El RenoContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
3/26/13DuncanIntra-Oral Gunshot Wound
3/26/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
3/26/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
3/26/13WoodwardCombined Drug Toxicity
3/27/13CaddoGunshot Wound Of Head
3/28/13ShawneeLigature Hanging
3/28/13Ponca CityGunshot Wound Of Chest, Penetrating
3/28/13CushingGunshot Wound Of Head
3/29/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
3/29/13OkemahLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
3/29/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
3/29/13Oklahoma CityLigature Hanging
3/30/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Head
3/30/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds To Abdomen And Neck, Penetrating
3/30/13TribbeyGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/31/13LawtonDiphenhydramine Toxicity
3/31/13Ratliff CityGunshot Wound Of Head
4/1/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
4/1/13TulsaAsphyxia Due To Inhalation Of Helium/Airway Obstruction By Plastic Bag
4/2/13MiamiGunshot Wound Of Head
4/3/13ChickashaContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penatrating
4/3/13CyrilGunshot Wound Of Head
4/3/13KingfisherIntraoral Gunshot Wound
4/3/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
4/4/13BartlesvilleIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/4/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
4/4/13GearyContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
4/8/13OwassoGunshot Would Of Chest
4/8/13LangstonGunshot Wound Of Head
4/8/13Oklahoma CityCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
4/8/13PaoliContact Gunshot Wound Of Chest
4/9/13Fort TowsonGunshot Wound Of Head
4/12/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/12/13QuapawGunshot Wound Of Head
4/12/13CowetaShotgun Wound Of Chest
4/13/13SayrePerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/13/13DrumrightShotgun Wound Of Head
4/13/13PraguePerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/14/13MonroeGunshot Wound Of Head
4/14/13Oklahoma CityIntra-Oral Gunshot Wound, Penetrating
4/15/13EdmondGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
4/15/13Del CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
4/16/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
4/16/13McAlesterGunshot Wound Of Head
4/16/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
4/17/13ShidlerGunshot Wound Of Chest
4/17/13TahlequahGunshot Wound Of Head
4/18/13TulsaBlunt Force Injuries
4/18/13MuskogeeAcute Combined Toxic Effects Of Fluoxetine, Hydrocodone And Bupropion
4/18/13Oklahoma CityHanging
4/19/13SmithvilleIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/20/13Oklahoma CityMixed Drug Toxicity
4/20/13QuapawGunshot Wound Of Head
4/22/13EdmondLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
4/22/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
4/23/13CaleraGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
4/24/13Pauls ValleyLigature Hanging
4/24/13Midwest CityGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
4/24/13ShawneeContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
4/24/13LawtonPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/25/13IdabelGunshot Wound Of Chest
4/25/13Broken ArrowAcute Combined Drug Toxicity (Alprazolam, Trazodone, Diphenhydramine)
4/25/13El RenoPenetrating Intra-Oral Gunshot Wound Of Head
4/26/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
4/26/13WatongaGunshot Wound Of Head
4/27/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Blunt Force Trauma
4/29/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
4/29/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
4/30/13Broken ArrowAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
5/1/13HardestyGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head, Penetrating
5/1/13MeadGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
5/3/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
5/3/13HarrahLigature Hanging
5/3/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head
5/3/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Head
5/4/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
5/4/13SapulpaAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
5/5/13ClaremoreGunshot Wound Of Head
5/5/13BethanyContact Gunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
5/5/13EnidDoxepin Toxicity
5/6/13HugoGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/6/13AltusGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
5/7/13Broken ArrowHanging
5/7/13WoodwardLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
5/8/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
5/8/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head, Perforating
5/9/13ViciPerforating Intraoral Gunshot Wound
5/10/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
5/10/13ShawneeGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
5/13/13DuncanLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
5/13/13Ponca CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
5/13/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/13/13GroveGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/13/13BurlingtonShotgun Wound Of Head
5/14/13RolandGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/14/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
5/16/13StillwaterAsphyxiation (Plastic Bag Over Head)
5/17/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/17/13ArdmoreLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
5/17/13LindsayPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
5/17/13TulsaAcute Toxic Effects Flecainide (Per Medical Report)
5/17/13WaurikaPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
5/18/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
5/20/13CowetaGunshot Wound Of Head
5/20/13LindsayGunshot Wound Of Head
5/20/13HartshorneGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/21/13JenksShotgun Wound Of Head
5/21/13PryorGunshot Wound Of Head
5/21/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
5/24/13NormanContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
5/25/13TecumsehContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
5/25/13Broken ArrowAcute Toxic Effects Of Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
5/25/13HoldenvilleMixed Drug Toxicity
5/26/13SperryGunshot Wound Of Head
5/26/13TecumsehGunshot Wound Of Head
5/28/13EufaulaIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
5/28/13YukonPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
5/28/13YukonPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
5/30/13Sand SpringsShotgun Wound Of Head
5/31/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
5/31/13Sand SpringsHanging
6/2/13NinnekahLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
6/2/13AntlersGunshot Wound Of Head
6/2/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
6/3/13DuncanContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
6/3/13Ponca CityAsphyxial Hanging
6/4/13StratfordGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
6/4/13LahomaContact Intraoral Gunshot Wound, Perforating
6/5/13Oklahoma CityContact Gunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
6/5/13CollinsvilleShotgun Wound Of Head
6/7/13LawtonPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
6/7/13DuncanCombined Ethanol, Butalbital And Trazadone Toxicity
6/8/13ClevelandGunshot Wound Of Chest
6/9/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
6/10/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
6/11/13DavisGunshot Wound Of Head
6/12/13ChandlerPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
6/13/13TulsaIntraoral Shotgun Wound Of Head
6/13/13LawtonGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
6/15/13GoreGunshot Wound Of Head
6/15/13EdmondPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
6/16/13NowataIntraoral Gunshot Wound Of Head
6/16/13Oklahoma CityCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
6/16/13CaleraPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
6/17/13HobartContact Gunshot Wound Of Forehead, Penetrating.
6/18/13NobleGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
6/18/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
6/19/13MooreContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
6/19/13MooreContact, Intra-Oral Gunshot Wound, Perforating
6/20/13Oklahoma CityHanging
6/21/13Ponca CityContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
6/22/13ClaremoreGunshot Wound Of Head
6/22/13TishomingoGunshot Wound Of Head
6/23/13LawtonLigature Hanging
6/24/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
6/28/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
6/28/13Oklahoma CityHanging
6/30/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
6/30/13TulsaPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
7/1/13Locust GroveShotgun Wound Of Head (Intraoral)
7/1/13ArdmorePenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
7/2/13EnidGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
7/3/13StillwaterPerforating Intraoral Gunshot Wound
7/4/13Oklahoma CityHemorrhage
7/7/13RoffMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
7/7/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
7/8/13McLoudPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
7/10/13BartlesvilleGunshot Wound Of Head
7/11/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
7/11/13EnidLigature Hanging
7/12/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
7/12/13TulsaComplications Of Asphyxia Due To Plastic Bag Over Head
7/13/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/14/13TulsaAcute Combined Intoxication (Alprazolam, Ethanol, Quetiapine, Citalopram, Hydrocodone)
7/16/13PurcellPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
7/17/13YukonPerforating Intra-Oral Gunshot Wound
7/17/13LawtonDiltiazem Overdose
7/17/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
7/19/13WeatherfordPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
7/19/13GearyPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
7/19/13ShawneeCombined Diphenhydramine, Alprazolam, Ethanol Toxicity
7/19/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/21/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/22/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head (Intraoral)
7/22/13DuncanCombined Drug Toxicity
7/23/13Oklahoma CityContact Gunshot Wound, Head
7/23/13MuskogeeShotgun Wound Of Abdomen
7/25/13Locust GroveGunshot Wound Of Head
7/27/13HarrahGunshot Wound Of Head
7/27/13Elk CityGunshot Wound Of Head
7/27/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head
7/28/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/29/13EuchaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/30/13ChandlerGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
7/30/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Head Injuries
7/31/13OwassoGunshot Wound Of Head
7/31/13Sand SpringsAsphyxia Due To Airway Obstruction By Plastic Bag Over Head
7/31/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound (Shotgun) To Head, Perforating
8/1/13PocassetMultiple Blunt Force Traumas
8/1/13HobartLigature Asphyxiation
8/2/13ShawneeLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
8/3/13TulsaAcute Combined Intoxication (Zolpidem And Ethanol)
8/3/13Oklahoma CityShotgun Wound Of Left Front Of Neck, Penetrating (Birdshot)
8/5/13ShidlerGunshot Wound Of Head
8/5/13DuncanAsphyxial Hanging
8/6/13WeatherfordAsphyxial Hanging
8/6/13OwassoGunshot Wound Of Head
8/7/13McAlesterGunshot Wound Of Head
8/7/13NormanPenetrating Shotgun Wound Of Chest
8/7/13YukonPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/8/13TulsaAcute Combined Drug Toxicity(Trazodone, Ethanol, Hydrocodone)
8/9/13SkiatookAcute Diphenhydramine Intoxication
8/10/13PragueGunshot Wound Of Head
8/12/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/12/13NormanMorphine Toxicity
8/12/13GeronimoPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/12/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/12/13ColemanPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/12/13SeminoleLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
8/13/13SapulpaGunshot Wound Of Head
8/14/13TulsaComplications Of Thermal Burns
8/14/13EdmondAcute Methamphetamine Intoxication
8/15/13KeotaGunshot Wound Of Head
8/15/13HoldenvilleLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
8/16/13ClevelandGunshot Wound Of Head
8/20/13Broken ArrowAcute Combined Drug Toxicity (Diltiazem, Metoprolol)
8/20/13IdabelGunshot Wound Of Head
8/20/13KieferAcute Combined Drug Toxicity (Alprazolam, Hydrocodone)
8/20/13Broken ArrowAcute Combined Intoxication (Alprazolam, Ethanol)
8/21/13PryorShotgun Wound Of Head
8/22/13Broken BowGunshot Wound Of Head
8/22/13Oklahoma CityAsphyxial Hanging
8/26/13Midwest CityAsphyxia
8/26/13MooreGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
8/26/13EdmondGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
8/27/13WagonerShotgun Wound Of Head
8/28/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
8/28/13MuskogeeGunshot Wound Of Head
8/28/13EnidGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
8/29/13ArdmorePerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/29/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
8/31/13Oklahoma CityAcute Combined Intoxication With Diazepam And Morphine
9/2/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound To The Chest, Perforating
9/3/13TahlequahGunshot Wound Of Head (Intraoral)
9/3/13ChickashaContact , Shotgun Wound Of Head
9/3/13ClintonContact, Penetrating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
9/3/13TulsaProbable Acute Combined Drug (Benzodiazepine, Tricyclic Antidepressant) Toxicity
9/4/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
9/4/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
9/4/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Chest
9/4/13ChandlerGunshot Wound Of Head
9/4/13LexingtonAcute Amitriptyline Toxicity
9/4/13Fort SupplyLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
9/5/13EufaulaGunshot Wound Of Head
9/6/13OkmulgeeGunshot Wound Of Head
9/7/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
9/7/13Custer CityGunshot Wound Of Head
9/8/13MiamiGunshot Wound Of Chest
9/8/13BartlesvilleGunshot Wound Of Head
9/9/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
9/9/13Oklahoma CityLigature Hanging
9/10/13McAlesterAcute Combined Drug Toxicity (Hydrocodone, Alprazolam)
9/10/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
9/10/13HodgenGunshot Wound Of Head
9/12/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
9/12/13SulphurGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
9/12/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
9/12/13EnidPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
9/13/13Oklahoma CityGunshot To The Head, Perforating
9/15/13Midwest CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating, Small Caliber
9/16/13OkmulgeeGunshot Wound Of Head
9/16/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
9/17/13Oklahoma CityHanging
9/17/13BethanyPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
9/18/13SulphurPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
9/18/13Oklahoma CityAsphyxial Hanging
9/18/13CherokeeComplications Of Gunshot Wound Of Head
9/20/13StilwellShotgun Wound Of Head
9/21/13LawtonIntraoral Gunshot Wound
9/22/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Left Chest
9/22/13Oklahoma CityHead Trauma, Blunt Force
9/23/13Oklahoma CityHanging
9/26/13Midwest CityMultiple Incised Wounds
9/29/13EagletonGunshot Wound Of Head
9/30/13Oklahoma CityLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
10/1/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
10/1/13Broken ArrowGunshnot Wound Of Head
10/2/13NormanGunshot Wound OfAbdomen, Penetrating
10/3/13MuskogeeMixed Drug Intoxication (Ethanol, Oxycodone, Zolpidem)
10/3/13SapulpaPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
10/5/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Head
10/6/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
10/7/13MutualGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
10/8/13TulsaPenetrating Intraoral Gunshot Wound
10/8/13MeekerGunshot Wound(Shotgun) Of Chest
10/9/13St. LouisContact Shotgun Wound Of Chest
10/9/13Locust GroveHanging
10/12/13ShawneeContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
10/13/13Broken ArrowPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/13/13ClaremorePerforating Gunshot Wounds Of Head And Left Wrist.
10/14/13MiamiPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
10/14/13Oklahoma CityIntraoral Shotgun Wound
10/14/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Contact Gun Shot Wound Of Head
10/15/13Elk CityContact Shotgun Wound Of Chest
10/15/13ClintonGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
10/16/13Oklahoma CityHanging
10/16/13ChelseaGunshot Wound Of Head
10/17/13StiglerGunshot Wound Of Head
10/18/13TulsaGunsnot Wound Of Head
10/18/13Oklahoma CityEthylene Glycol Toxicity
10/20/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
10/20/13IdabelGunshot Wound Of Head
10/20/13IdabelGunshot Wound Of Head
10/22/13NormanGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
10/22/13FrederickLigature Hanging
10/24/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Head
10/25/13Union CityGunshot Wound Of Head
10/26/13AntlersGunshot Wound Of Head
10/26/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/26/13PurcellPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/26/13Elk CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/27/13HodgenPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/28/13Broken ArrowIntraoral Shotgun Wound
10/28/13TulsaPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/29/13EnidPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
10/30/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
10/31/13Oklahoma CityHanging
10/31/13LawtonContact, Perforating Shotgun Wound Of Right Side Of Head
10/31/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
11/1/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
11/1/13Oklahoma CityAsphyxial Hanging
11/1/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
11/1/13Oklahoma CityAsphyxial Hanging
11/2/13EnidLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
11/2/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
11/3/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
11/3/13PruePerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
11/3/13TulsaIntraoral Shotgun Wound Of Head
11/3/13Oklahoma CityAsphyxial Hanging Sequelae
11/6/13SasakwaContact, Perforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
11/6/13Oklahoma CityAnoxic Encephalopathy With Multi Organ Failure
11/6/13Sand SpringsAsphyxia
11/7/13Oklahoma CityContact, Intraoral Gunshot Wound, Perforating
11/10/13EdmondPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
11/11/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
11/13/13MariettaContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
11/13/13TecumsehGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
11/14/13SapulpaGunshot Wound Of Head
11/14/13CushingContact Gunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
11/15/13PorterGunshot Wound Of Head
11/18/13Oklahoma CityStab Wounds Of Leg
11/20/13ChelseaPenetrating Shotgun Wound Of Head
11/20/13TulsaPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
11/21/13Midwest CityAsphyxial Hanging
11/22/13ShattuckGunshot Wound Of Head
11/23/13PryorPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Left Chest
11/23/13Oklahoma CityContact, Gunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
11/25/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
11/25/13BlanchardGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
11/25/13WellstonGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
11/26/13ArdmoreGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
11/30/13TonkawaPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
12/1/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head And Chest
12/2/13EdmondPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
12/3/13IdabelGunshot Wound Of Head
12/4/13Oklahoma CityIntra-Oral Gunshot Wound
12/6/13TulsaAcute Drug Toxicity (Bupropion)
12/6/13CowetaGunshot Wound Of Head
12/7/13Broken BowShotgun Wound Of Head
12/8/13Oklahoma CityShotgun Wound Of Chest
12/10/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound To The Chest
12/10/13DuncanContact, Penetrating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
12/10/13LawtonAcute Ethanol, Alprazolam and Carisoprodol Toxicity
12/11/13PryorGunshot Wound of Head
12/12/13MannfordGunshot Wound of Head, Perforating
12/13/13BixbyGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
12/13/13NewallaGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
12/13/13Oklahoma CityAcute Combined Intoxication With Fluoxetine And Alcohol
12/13/13NormanGunshot Wound to Chest
12/14/13WagonerAcute Combined Intoxication With Fluoxetine And Alcohol
12/14/13LawtonLigature Asphyxiation, Hanging
12/15/13Oklahoma CityComplications of Ligature Hanging
12/16/13Oklahoma CitySmoke Inhalation And Thermal Burns
12/17/13Midwest CityHanging
12/18/13ChoctawGunshot Wound To Head, Penetrating
12/20/13CollinsvilleGunshot Wound Of Head
12/20/13ChecotahGunshot Wound Of Head
12/22/13EdmondGunshot Wound Of Head
12/22/13TulsaComplications Of Gunshot Wound of Head
12/23/13NormanAsphyxia By Helium
12/23/13Oklahoma CityAsphyxia By Helium
12/23/13MuskogeeIntra-Oral Performating Gunshot Wound Of Head
12/24/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
12/24/13MannfordPerforating Shotgun Wound Of Chest
12/24/13NewallaPerforating Intra-Oral Gunshot Wound
12/24/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
12/26/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
12/26/13SeminolePenetrating Intra-Oral Gunshot Wound
12/27/13AtokaGunshot Wound Of Head
12/27/13HydroLigature Hanging
12/28/13QuapawGunshot Wound Of Head
12/28/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head
12/29/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
12/29/13Oklahoma CityAcute Ethanol, Doxepin, Paroxetine, Alprazolam Toxicity
12/30/13Ponca CityGunshot Wound Of Head
12/30/13Broken ArrowGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
12/30/13OrientaNeck Injury, Sharp Force
12/31/13Broken ArrowGunshot Wound Of Head

In 2013, through Dec. 10, more than two-thirds of suicides were committed using firearms.

Suicides tend to be highest not during the late-year holiday times as many people believe, but in the spring. This year, with Oklahoma numbers through a third of the month, December was on track to be among the least deadly months of the year.

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