Amid the celebrations and self-help resolutions, 2017 began in Oklahoma as it has in many other years: with a rash of people taking their own lives.

In the first week, there were nine self-inflicted gunshot deaths, four hangings and a deliberate drug overdose, occurring in cities large and small. With those 14 deaths, the year was off to a familiar tragic start in a state that perennially ranks among the 10 worst in the nation in suicide rates.

In 2016, 822 people killed themselves in Oklahoma, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That equated to an age-adusted rate of 21 suicides per 100,000 population, ranking Oklahoma 8th worst in the nation. The national rate was 13.5.

The litany of lost lives ticked on steadily in 2017, with the latest count at 743; it will likely climb as more suicides are confirmed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Of the roughly 750 suicides counted so far in 2017, nearly six out of 10 involved firearms. More than three-fourths of the dead were men. More than eight out of 10 were white.

Grief from suicide unfolds in private. Even as taboos fall on discussing substance abuse, mental illness and other problems that once were strictly off limits, suicide remains in the shadows, whispered among surviving loved ones but rarely acknowledged publicly.

News media are reluctant to report suicides partly because they fear that publicizing them could lead to others taking their own lives.

The following table is intended to show how frequent  and widespread suicide is in Oklahoma, and to raise awareness about a preventable problem.

If you feel suicidal or know someone who does, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for help.

A Year of Suicides

In 2017, there were at least 743 deaths in Oklahoma whose cause was determined to be suicide. More suicides from that year could still be confirmed by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The immediate causes listed reflect the language used by medical examiner pathologists.

DateLocationRace or EthnicitySexImmediate Cause
1/1/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMHanging
1/1/17McAlesterWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/1/17Del CityWhiteMShotgun Wound to Head
1/2/17Del CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
1/3/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxiation
1/3/17NormanWhiteFIntraoral Gunshot Wound
1/3/17GroveWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/5/17ApacheWhiteFAsphyxial Hanging
1/5/17TulsaWhiteFDrug Toxicity
1/5/17ClaremoreWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/6/17TulsaWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
1/7/17ByarsWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head (Shotgun)
1/7/17TulsaWhiteMPerforating Intraoral Gunshot Wound
1/9/17StillwaterWhiteFLigature Asphyxiation
1/9/17EufaulaWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
1/9/17MooreWhiteMPerforating Shotgun Wound, Head
1/10/17WagonerWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/10/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
1/11/17BethanyOtherMAsphyxiation, Ligature and Airway Obstruction.
1/11/17FosterWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
1/11/17BowringWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
1/11/17ShawneeWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
1/11/17YukonWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
1/12/17EnidWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
1/13/17Ponca CityWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
1/14/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/15/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
1/16/17ArdmoreWhiteFDrug Toxicity
1/16/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
1/16/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Penetrating
1/17/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMHanging
1/17/17CatoosaWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
1/19/17Oklahoma CityHispanicFAcute Toxicity
1/20/17PryorWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
1/20/17HoweWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/20/17Elk CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
1/20/17GlenpoolWhiteFAnoxic Brain Injury
1/22/17LibertyWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/23/17RolandAmerican IndianMPenetrating Submental Rifle Wound
1/24/17EnidWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
1/24/17NormanWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound, Head
1/26/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/27/17MuskogeeWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
1/27/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Chest
1/27/17BartlesvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/27/17SeminoleWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound, Head
1/28/17CatoosaWhiteMGunshot Wounds of the Head
1/29/17TulsaWhiteMAcute Drug Intoxication
1/30/17ShawneeWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head, Contact, Perforating
1/30/17EnidWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
1/31/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest
1/31/17AntlersWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
1/31/17TiptonWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
2/1/17NormanWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
2/2/17Oklahoma CityBlackFHanging
2/2/17TahlequahWhiteFMixed Drug Intoxication
2/2/17YukonWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
2/2/17Ponca CityWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
2/3/17TulsaWhiteFPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
2/3/17HugoWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
2/6/17NormanWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head, Perforating
2/6/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
2/6/17ColbertWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
2/7/17BlairWhiteFGunshot Wounds of Head (Handgun)
2/7/17MorrisWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
2/7/17ChickashaWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
2/8/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
2/8/17TecumsehWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
2/9/17AdaWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
2/9/17TulsaWhiteMAcute Drug Toxicity
2/10/17TulsaBlackMGunshot Wound of Chest
2/10/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
2/10/17MincoWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
2/10/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
2/11/17MannfordWhiteMGunshot Wound of The Chest
2/11/17PoteauWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
2/11/17WaukomisWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
2/12/17TulsaWhiteMMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
2/13/17GuthrieWhiteMProbable Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
2/14/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
2/14/17HennesseyWhiteMShotgun Wound to Head
2/15/17CoalgateWhiteFPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
2/15/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
2/15/17MiamiWhiteMPenetrating Rifle Wound of Head
2/16/17ArdmoreWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
2/17/17Oklahoma CityWhitePerforating Gunshot Wound of Chest
2/17/17CoyleWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
2/18/17Broken ArrowWhiteMHanging
2/18/17CaleraWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Shotgun)
2/18/17WagonerWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
2/19/17Oklahoma CityHispanicMHanging
2/19/17PryorAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of the Head
2/19/17ArdmoreWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
2/19/17YukonWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
2/21/17KintaBlackMGunshot Wound of the Head
2/22/17PerryWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Chest
2/22/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
2/24/17YukonWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Penetrating
2/25/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMDrug Toxicity
2/27/17ClevelandAmerican IndianFHanging
2/27/17TulsaWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
2/27/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFPerforating Intraoral Gunshot Wound
2/27/17AgraWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
2/27/17CaleraWhiteMIntraoral Gunshot Wound
2/27/17LoyalWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
2/28/17MooreWhiteFIntraoral Gunshot Wound
3/1/17Sand SpringsWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
3/2/17MuskogeeWhiteMGunshot Wound Of The Chest
3/3/17SallisawWhiteMMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
3/4/17NormanWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
3/5/17ChecotahWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
3/5/17Broken BowWhiteMAcute Drug Toxicity
3/6/17AnadarkoWhiteMAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
3/6/17LawtonBlackMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
3/6/17TulsaWhiteMShotgun Wound of Head
3/7/17CommerceWhiteMAsphyxia Due to Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
3/7/17StillwaterWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
3/7/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMIntraoral Gunshot Wound
3/8/17Shady PointWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
3/9/17AtokaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Chest (Rifle)
3/10/17QuapawWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
3/11/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
3/11/17WoodwardWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
3/12/17WaurikaWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
3/13/17Ponca CityWhiteMAsphyxiation
3/13/17TulsaBlackFCombined Drug Toxicity
3/13/17Broken ArrowWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
3/13/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
3/13/17MadillWhiteMIntraoral Shotgun Wound
3/14/17MustangWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
3/14/17Midwest CityWhiteMCardiac Tamponade
3/16/17NormanWhiteMGunshot Wound (Shotgun) of Head
3/18/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound, Head
3/20/17VinitaWhiteMAsphyxia Due to Hanging
3/20/17BixbyWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
3/20/17CushingWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
3/21/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound Of The Chest
3/21/17PoteauWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
3/21/17WayneWhiteMShotgun Wound to Head
3/22/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
3/22/17Elk CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Rifle)
3/22/17NormanWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
3/22/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
3/22/17ClevelandWhiteMShotgun Wound of the Chest
3/23/17WagonerWhiteMAcute Drug Overdose
3/23/17DavisWhiteFGunshot Wound to Mouth
3/23/17EdmondWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head (Shotgun)
3/23/17Elk CityWhiteMCerebral Avulsion
3/24/17StuartWhiteFLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
3/24/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Chest
3/24/17Ponca CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
3/25/17TulsaWhiteMPenetrating Intraoral Gunshot Wound
3/25/17EufaulaWhiteMAnoxic Encephalopathy
3/26/17BartlesvilleWhiteFAsphyxia Due to Hanging
3/26/17AltusHispanicFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
3/28/17JenksWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
3/28/17GlencoeWhiteMShotgun Wound to Head
3/29/17TahlequahWhiteFDrug Toxicity
3/30/17BuffaloWhiteFGunshot Wound to Chest, Penetrating
3/31/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
4/1/17OkmulgeeWhiteMGunshot Wound of The Chest
4/2/17Rush SpringsWhiteFLigature Asphyxiation
4/2/17LindsayWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
4/2/17LindsayWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
4/3/17ShawneeWhiteMAcute Drug Toxicity
4/4/17Oklahoma CityBlackFContact Gunshot Wound to Head
4/4/17MutualWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Forehead, Penetrating
4/5/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
4/6/17StillwaterWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head
4/7/17EnidWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Chest, Perforating
4/7/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
4/7/17MiamiWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/7/17Elk CityHispanicMStab Wound to Neck
4/8/17TyroneWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
4/8/17HenryettaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/9/17Oklahoma CityAmerican IndianMAsphyxial Hanging
4/10/17ClaremoreOtherMAsphyxia Due to Hanging
4/10/17WelchWhiteMAsphyxia Due to Hanging
4/10/17Midwest CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Chest (Rifle)
4/10/17CementWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head
4/11/17WaukomisWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
4/11/17StillwaterWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
4/12/17LawtonWhiteFAsphyxial Hanging
4/12/17McAlesterWhiteMAsphyxia Due to Hanging
4/12/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxiation
4/12/17TulsaBlackFAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
4/13/17ProctorWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
4/13/17SperryWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head
4/15/17Broken ArrowWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
4/15/17Oklahoma CityAmerican IndianFContact Gunshot Wound to Chest
4/16/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
4/16/17AdaWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
4/17/17MooreBlackMLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
4/17/17CordellWhiteMHanging by Rope
4/18/17NormanWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
4/18/17TulsaWhiteMCombined Drug Toxicity
4/18/17BlackwellWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound, Head
4/18/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/18/17RosstonWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head (Shotgun)
4/18/17Fort GibsonBlackMMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
4/19/17TulsaHispanicMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/19/17YukonWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
4/19/17MuskogeeWhiteMShotgun Wound of the Chest
4/20/17ClevelandWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/21/17BlanchardWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
4/21/17LawtonWhiteFGunshot Wound to Chest (Shotgun), Penetrating
4/22/17GroveWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
4/22/17El RenoWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
4/24/17DrumrightWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/24/17NormanUnknownMCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
4/25/17TuttleWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation
4/25/17LawtonWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
4/25/17EdmondWhiteFGunshot Wound, Chest
4/25/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/26/17WilburtonAmerican IndianFContact Gunshot Wound to Head
4/26/17Oklahoma CityBlackMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
4/26/17StiglerWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/26/17MarlowWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head (Perforating)
4/27/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/27/17PoteauWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/29/17MooreWhiteMShotgun Wound to Head
4/29/17IdabelBlackMSmoke Inhalation, Thermal Injuries
4/30/17MooreBlackFDrug Toxicity
4/30/17SallisawWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
4/30/17RolandWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
4/30/17EnidWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
4/30/17MoorelandWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
5/1/17YukonWhiteFMultiple Substance Toxicity
5/1/17Oklahoma CityHispanicMGunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
5/1/17BartlesvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/1/17Midwest CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
5/1/17ArdmoreWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
5/2/17Oklahoma CityBlackMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
5/2/17McAlesterWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
5/2/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
5/3/17NormanWhiteFShotgun Wound to Head
5/3/17LawtonWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Penetrating
5/4/17BlanchardWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
5/4/17ThomasWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
5/5/17LutherWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound, Head
5/5/17PiedmontWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound, Head
5/6/17TahlequahAmerican IndianMHanging
5/6/17JenksWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
5/7/17Oklahoma CityHispanicMHanging by Rope
5/7/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
5/8/17Broken ArrowWhiteFSharp Force Injuries of the Left Wrist
5/9/17YukonWhiteFGunshot Wound to Head
5/10/17ArcadiaWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Chest, Penetrating
5/10/17GuthrieWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
5/11/17OkmulgeeAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/11/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
5/11/17BartlesvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/12/17LawtonWhiteFGunshot to the Head, Perforating
5/12/17GuthrieWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
5/13/17Elk CityWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
5/14/17BlackwellWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
5/15/17TahlequahWhiteMAsphyxia Due to Strangulation by Ligature
5/16/17Lone WolfWhiteMHanging
5/16/17TulsaHispanicMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/16/17MadillWhiteFShotgun Wound to Chest
5/16/17AlfalfaWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
5/17/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/18/17Oklahoma CityBlackMGunshot Wound to the Head
5/18/17Oklahoma CityHispanicMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
5/18/17DaleWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Chest
5/19/17YukonWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
5/20/17OwassoWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
5/22/17QuinlanWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
5/22/17EdmondWhiteFMultiple Drug Toxicity
5/22/17ShidlerWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
5/23/17Midwest CityWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
5/24/17TalihinaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Chest
5/24/17FairviewWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound To Head, Penetrating
5/25/17ShawneeWhiteMIntraoral Gunshot Wound
5/26/17GuthrieWhiteFGunshot Wound to Head
5/27/17Sand SpringsWhiteMHanging
5/27/17BartlesvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/27/17CoalgateWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
5/27/17ShawneeWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
5/28/17Broken ArrowWhiteMHanging
5/28/17StonewallWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
5/28/17TulsaHispanicMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/28/17LawtonWhiteFGunshot Wound to Head
5/28/17TahlequahWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
5/28/17PryorWhiteMBlunt Force Trauma of the Legs
5/29/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
5/30/17McAlesterAmerican IndianMShotgun Wound of the Chest
5/31/17TulsaWhiteMCombined Drug Toxicity
5/31/17MuldrowWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
5/31/17KempWhiteMGunshot Wound of Chest
6/1/17NormanBlackMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
6/1/17HugoWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head
6/1/17MuldrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
6/1/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
6/2/17CordellWhiteFAsphyxial Hanging
6/3/17MooreWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation (Hanging)
6/3/17TulsaBlackMGunshot Wound of Head
6/4/17NormanHispanicMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
6/5/17Sand SpringsWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
6/5/17Del CityHispanicMGunshot Wound to Head, Penetrating
6/5/17MadillWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
6/6/17Broken ArrowWhiteMHanging
6/6/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
6/7/17Midwest CityOtherMProbable Asphyxia
6/7/17Del CityWhiteFIntraoral Gunshot Wound
6/8/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMHanging
6/8/17EdmondWhiteFAcute Multidrug Toxicity
6/8/17Midwest CityWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head
6/8/17NormanWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
6/8/17LawtonWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
6/9/17GuthrieWhiteMIntraoral Gunshot Wound
6/10/17Oklahoma CityBlackMGunshot Wound of Chest
6/10/17LawtonBlackMGunshot Wound to the Head
6/10/17PawneeWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
6/12/17WellingAmerican IndianMHanging
6/12/17VianWhiteMAsphyxia Due to Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
6/12/17GroveWhiteFDrug Toxicity
6/13/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
6/13/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
6/13/17LaverneWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
6/15/17TulsaAmerican IndianFHanging
6/15/17McAlesterWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
6/16/17MiamiAmerican IndianFCombined Drug Toxicity
6/16/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
6/17/17BixbyWhiteFGunshot Wound Of The Chest
6/18/17Ponca CityWhiteMHanging
6/18/17Oklahoma CityBlackMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
6/18/17SallisawWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
6/19/17TulsaWhiteMAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
6/19/17Ponca CityAmerican IndianMShotgun Wound of Head
6/20/17FrederickHispanicMGunshot Wound to Head
6/20/17NewcastleWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
6/21/17Pauls ValleyWhiteFMultiple Drug Overdose
6/22/17PiedmontOtherMContact, Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
6/22/17EnidWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
6/23/17YukonWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
6/24/17Lone GroveWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
6/26/17Broken ArrowHispanicMGunshot Wound of the Head
6/26/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of Chest
6/27/17TulsaWhiteMComplications of Hanging
6/27/17Midwest CityWhiteMDrug Toxicity
6/27/17MuskogeeBlackMGunshot Wound of the Chest
6/27/17EdmondWhiteFGunshot to The Head, Perforating
6/27/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
6/27/17Sand SpringsWhiteMUnknown
6/29/17GuymonHispanicMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
6/29/17Pauls ValleyWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Chest
6/30/17BartlesvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
7/1/17Ponca CityWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
7/3/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxiation
7/3/17IdabelWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
7/3/17DustinWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
7/4/17Red OakWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
7/5/17Oklahoma CityOtherMAsphyxiation
7/5/17StillwaterWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
7/6/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Penetrating
7/6/17GlencoeWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
7/8/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
7/8/17NormanWhiteFContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
7/8/17MooreWhiteMExtensive And Severe Thermal Burns
7/9/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
7/9/17PerryWhiteMContact Shotgun Wound, Penetrating
7/9/17YukonWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
7/9/17Cimarron CityWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head
7/10/17HulbertAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of the Head
7/10/17MuskogeeWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
7/10/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Head
7/10/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head
7/11/17WynonaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest
7/12/17Elk CityWhiteMIntraoral Gunshot Wound
7/14/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Shotgun)
7/14/17CollinsvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
7/15/17SkiatookWhiteFDrug Toxicity
7/15/17TulsaOtherFThermal Burn Injuries
7/17/17Ponca CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Chest
7/18/17FosterWhiteMCarbon Monoxide Toxicity
7/19/17Elk CityWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head
7/20/17El RenoWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
7/20/17EdmondWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
7/21/17SeminoleAmerican IndianMAsphyxial Hanging
7/21/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
7/22/17LawtonWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
7/22/17SapulpaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
7/23/17JayWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
7/23/17MedfordWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head, Penetrating
7/24/17Locust GroveWhiteFGunshot Wound of Chest
7/24/17EnidWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Chest
7/27/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxiation
7/27/17CoalgateWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Chest, Perforating
7/27/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
7/28/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
7/28/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
7/28/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
7/30/17SeminoleWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
7/30/17OologahWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest
7/31/17Rush SpringsWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Head
7/31/17Midwest CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
8/1/17Ponca CityWhiteMAsphyxial Hanging
8/1/17WagonerAmerican IndianMAcute Drug Intoxication
8/1/17Oklahoma CityHispanicFGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
8/2/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMMultiple Injuries
8/3/17CushingWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
8/4/17Sand SpringsWhiteMAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
8/4/17MuskogeeBlackFGunshot Wound of the Chest
8/4/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/4/17ColbertWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
8/5/17MuskogeeWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
8/5/17HoldenvilleWhiteMGunshot Wound, Intraoral (Handgun)
8/7/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
8/7/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
8/7/17LawtonWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
8/8/17YukonWhiteMLigature Asphyxation
8/8/17LangleyWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
8/9/17AftonWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/10/17McAlesterWhiteMDrug Toxicity
8/10/17QuapawWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/12/17EnidWhiteMAsphyxia by Hanging
8/12/17NormanHispanicMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
8/12/17EarlsboroWhiteMGunshot Wound of Chest (Handgun)
8/12/17StratfordWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest (Handgun)
8/12/17HarrahWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head (Handgun)
8/13/17CowetaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
8/13/17SpiroWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/14/17Midwest CityWhiteMHanging
8/14/17Oklahoma CityHispanicMAcute Drug Toxicity
8/14/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAcute Drug Intoxication
8/14/17Pond CreekWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Forehead, Perforating
8/16/17AlvaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
8/17/17HintonWhiteMLigature Strangulation
8/17/17YukonBlackMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
8/18/17WeatherfordWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
8/19/17HoldenvilleAmerican IndianMLigature Asphyxiation
8/19/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxia
8/19/17OologahWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
8/19/17VinitaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/21/17EnidWhiteFLigature Asphyxiation
8/21/17Elk CityWhiteMGunshot Wound, Handgun
8/22/17HodgenAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/22/17DurantWhiteFGunshot Wound to Head
8/22/17Midwest CityWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
8/23/17Broken ArrowWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
8/23/17Oklahoma CityOtherFAcute Multiple Blunt Force Trauma
8/24/17Oklahoma CityOtherMAsphyxiation
8/24/17MiamiWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
8/25/17TulsaWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
8/25/17BillingsWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Chest, Perforating
8/26/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFCarbon Monoxide Toxicity
8/27/17HintonWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
8/28/17RolandAmerican IndianMHanging
8/28/17PerkinsWhiteFPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
8/28/17MustangWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
8/28/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
8/29/17TulsaWhiteFAcute Drug Intoxication
8/30/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
8/30/17GuthrieWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Chest, Penetrating
8/31/17HaworthWhiteMAcute Drug Intoxication
9/1/17GuthrieWhiteFMixed Drug Toxicity
9/1/17MiamiWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/1/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/1/17CowetaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/3/17HarrahWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
9/4/17DurantWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
9/5/17LawtonWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
9/6/17El RenoWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
9/6/17KingstonWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Chest
9/7/17GraniteWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
9/8/17MadillWhiteFMixed Drug Toxicity
9/9/17Broken ArrowWhiteFShotgun Wound of the Neck and Head
9/10/17DavisWhiteFMultiple Drug Toxicity
9/11/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAcute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
9/11/17ColemanWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
9/12/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/13/17CheyenneWhiteFHanging by Rope
9/13/17WoodwardWhiteFHanging by Rope
9/13/17LindsayWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
9/14/17NewallaWhiteFGunshot Wound, Chest
9/15/17Fort GibsonWhiteMHanging
9/15/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
9/16/17Oklahoma CityOtherFAsphyxiation
9/16/17EdmondWhiteMShotgun Wound to Head
9/17/17Broken ArrowWhiteMComplications of Gunshot Wound of Abdomen
9/17/17MuldrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/18/17Broken ArrowWhiteMHanging
9/18/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/18/17NormanWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
9/18/17NewcastleWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound, Head
9/18/17TulsaWhiteFComplications of Stab Wound to Chest
9/19/17FairfaxWhiteFProbable Drug Toxicity
9/20/17CacheWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
9/20/17BlanchardWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
9/21/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/21/17StilwellBlackMMultiple Blunt Impact Injuries
9/22/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Abdomen
9/22/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
9/24/17Broken ArrowWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
9/26/17MuskogeeAmerican IndianMHanging
9/27/17CrescentWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head
9/27/17Broken BowWhiteMShotgun Wound of the Chest
9/29/17ChickashaOtherMGunshot Wound of Head
9/29/17HobartWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
9/29/17Broken ArrowWhiteMMultiple Blunt Impact Injuries
9/30/17El RenoAmerican IndianFLigature Hanging
9/30/17Broken ArrowAmerican IndianMHanging
9/30/17KingstonWhiteMLigature Hanging
10/1/17FletcherWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
10/1/17ArdmoreWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
10/2/17BethanyWhiteMAcute Carbon Monoxide Toxicity
10/2/17TulsaBlackFGunshot Wound of the Chest
10/2/17WagonerWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
10/2/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Chest, Penetrating
10/3/17McAlesterAmerican IndianFHanging
10/5/17RingoldWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
10/6/17WynnewoodWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound, Head
10/7/17Broken ArrowAmerican IndianFCombined Drug Toxicity
10/8/17Midwest CityWhiteFAsphyxia
10/8/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMHanging
10/9/17SalinaAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of the Head
10/10/17SallisawWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
10/10/17GansWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
10/11/17EdmondWhiteMHanging by Ligature
10/11/17EdmondWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation
10/11/17EdmondBlackFCombined Drug Toxicity
10/12/17HominyWhiteMComplications Due to Hanging
10/12/17LawtonWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
10/13/17TonkawaWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
10/14/17ArnettWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
10/15/17TuttleWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
10/15/17NormanWhiteMPenetrating Gunshot Wound of Head (Intraoral)
10/15/17SwinkWhiteMShotgun Wound Of Head
10/16/17OiltonWhiteFAcute Doxepin Toxicity
10/17/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
10/17/17StillwaterWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
10/17/17PerryWhiteMTransection of Brain Stem
10/18/17Oklahoma CityAmerican IndianMContact Gunshot Wound to Head, Perforating
10/18/17Midwest CityWhiteMCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
10/19/17Oklahoma CityBlackMHanging
10/21/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMDrug Toxicity
10/22/17Locust GroveWhiteFAcute Combined Drug Intoxication
10/22/17StroudWhiteFIntraoral Gunshot Wound
10/22/17TulsaBlackMMultiple Blunt Impact Injuries
10/23/17BethanyWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
10/23/17TulsaWhiteMMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
10/25/17CatoosaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest
10/26/17ClaremoreWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
10/26/17MustangWhiteMIntraoral Gunshot Wound
10/28/17Broken BowAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of Head
10/28/17WewokaWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
10/30/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
10/31/17ClintonWhiteMLigature Hanging
11/1/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAsphyxia
11/1/17Fort CobbWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
11/1/17LawtonWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
11/2/17LawtonBlackMGunshot Wound of Head
11/2/17ArdmoreWhiteFGunshot Wound to Head
11/3/17NormanWhiteMCombined Drug Toxicity
11/3/17YukonBlackMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
11/3/17Monkey IslandWhiteMComplications of Thermal Burns
11/4/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFSelf Immolation
11/5/17Oklahoma CityOtherFGunshot Wounds of Head, Abdomen (Handgun)
11/5/17JenksWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
11/5/17ShawneeWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head
11/7/17AdaWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head
11/7/17KingfisherWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
11/7/17MadillWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Penetrating
11/9/17YukonWhiteFCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
11/11/17Oklahoma CityHispanicMAsphyxiation
11/11/17RalstonAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of the Head
11/11/17MuskogeeWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
11/11/17YukonWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
11/12/17MuskogeeAmerican IndianMHanging
11/12/17LawtonWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head
11/13/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFDrug Toxicity
11/13/17NormanWhiteMDrug Toxicity
11/13/17WaynokaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
11/13/17ShawneeWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
11/14/17AntlersWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
11/15/17Oklahoma CityBlackMGunshot Wound of Head
11/15/17EdmondWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound, Head
11/18/17ChickashaOtherMComplications of Asphyxiation
11/18/17ShawneeWhiteFProbable Acute Drug Toxicity
11/18/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
11/19/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFHanging
11/20/17PerryWhiteFPerforating Gunshot Wound to Head
11/20/17Broken ArrowWhiteMShotgun Wound Of Head
11/24/17Boise CityWhiteMHanging
11/24/17Broken ArrowWhiteMSharp Force Injury of Left Arm
11/25/17Broken ArrowWhiteFGunshot Wound of Head
11/26/17Rush SpringsAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of Head (Handgun)
11/26/17MiamiWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
11/27/17YukonWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
11/27/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
11/28/17Broken ArrowWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
11/28/17DavisWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
11/28/17ClaremoreWhiteFCarbon Monoxide Poisoning
11/29/17MooreWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation Consistent With Hanging
11/29/17ShawneeWhiteMAcute Carbon Monoxide Toxicity
11/29/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
11/30/17HealdtonWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
12/1/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAcute Methadone Toxicity
12/1/17TulsaWhiteMCombined Drug Toxicity
12/1/17LawtonWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
12/1/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMSelf-Immolation
12/3/17MuskogeeAmerican IndianMHanging
12/3/17Altus AFBWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
12/7/17TulsaHispanicMGunshot Wound of Head
12/7/17TulsaWhiteFShotgun Wound of Head
12/7/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
12/9/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
12/11/17NormanOtherMGunshot Wound to Head
12/11/17PryorWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
12/11/17AlvaWhiteMGunshot Wound, Head
12/12/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMLigature Asphyxiation
12/14/17AdaWhiteMPerforating Gunshot Wound of Head
12/15/17KellyvilleWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
12/19/17GuthrieWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
12/20/17Oklahoma CityUnknownMGunshot Wound of Head
12/20/17ClaremoreWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Head
12/20/17WelchWhiteMMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
12/21/17NormanWhiteFAcute Drug Toxicity
12/22/17TulsaWhiteFGunshot Wound of the Head
12/22/17Little CityWhiteMGunshot Wound to Head
12/23/17IdabelWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest
12/24/17TulsaHispanicMProbable Drug Toxicity
12/24/17TulsaWhiteMProbable Drug Toxicity
12/24/17WaltersWhiteFGunshot Wound, Perforating
12/24/17Sand SpringsWhiteMGunshot Wound of the Chest
12/25/17Oklahoma CityAmerican IndianMGunshot Wound of Head
12/25/17LexingtonWhiteMGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
12/26/17Broken ArrowWhiteMSuffocation
12/26/17FairviewWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
12/26/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wounds of the Head
12/26/17Oklahoma CityWhiteMAnoxic Brain Injury Sequela
12/27/17Broken ArrowWhiteFCombined Drug Toxicity
12/27/17TulsaWhiteMGunshot Wound of Head
12/28/17WilburtonAmerican IndianFGunshot Wound of the Head
12/29/17Oklahoma CityWhiteFGunshot Wound to the Head, Perforating
12/31/17WanetteWhiteMContact Gunshot Wound of the Head, Perforating

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