With the 2020 general election just over a year away, President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in the battle to secure campaign contributions from Oklahoma donors.

Recently released campaign finance reports show that Trump raised nearly $645,000 from individuals in Oklahoma between Jan. 1, 2018, and Sept. 30. That amount easily tops the $375,000 raised in total by the nearly 20-person Democratic presidential field vying to take on Trump.

Trump, who won the state with 65.3% of the vote in 2016, received donations from 1,821 donors. The average amount per donor was $354.

Six donors, including billionaire Continental Resources CEO Harold Hamm, have already contributed the maximum $5,600 amount to Trump’s campaign. (The Federal Election Commission allows individuals to give up to $2,800 for each primary and general election.)

Among Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, the winner of Oklahoma’s Democratic presidential primary contest in 2016, has taken in the most money from Oklahoma donors.

His $81,866 campaign haul leads Cory Booker’s $57,905, Pete Buttigieg’s $49,726, Elizabeth Warren’s $46,026 and Beto O’Rourke’s $42,883.

Joe Biden, who has led Democrats in most polls during the last several months, trails that crowd with $27,701. Warren, an Oklahoma City native, is even or ahead of Biden in some recent polls.

Andrew Yang, Kamala Harris and Marianne Williamson are the only other Democratic presidential hopefuls who have raised over $10,000 so far.  

Among the Republicans making a long-shot bid to seize the nomination from Trump, only Bill Weld, a former Massachusetts governor, has raised money in the state, with a total of $2,300.

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